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Discussion in 'Users’ Corner' started by MiniMeanie, Jul 29, 2019.

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  1. MiniMeanie

    MiniMeanie Active Author

    Please pass along to the development team, as with all my posts this is not directed to the moderator team.

    It was reported by a few players in the forum last night, and reported by a member of the team that happy hour had not occurred at the regular time. I had hoped that this was an error by the dev team not clicking the button at the right time and therefore hope than when it was clicked that the items would be in the shop for the normal 24 hours.

    One of my guild mates messaged me while I was at work (yes I work for a living, unlike it seems the dev team!!) and let me know that MHH had started and that the items that I needed were now available. I finish work at 6pm German time, and by the time I got home MHH had finished, and the items had been removed.

    This is not the first time in the last week that errors have been made. The freedom event did not start when it was supposed to, and while I note that it was stated on the forum that this was extended, there was no evidence of this on the server that I play on.

    Are you unhappy that you have made a pve server? Are you unhappy that players are actually enjoying themselves? Are you simply trying to mess us all around so that we stop playing this game all together?

    In the many many years that I have played this game, the lack of respect to the players by the development team continues to be astonishing. Nothing really changes I suppose.

    Can I ask that the happy hour which is likely to be on Wednesday or Friday is extended with ALL items that have been available in the past are included to allow players to be able to purchase everything that they need to continue to play and enjoy the game. I think doing this will show at lease a modicum of respect and understanding of our frustration, and be a tremendous show of good faith to the player base.

    Yours, very disappointedly and ever hopeful

    Mini x

    P.s. don't give the devs my x :p
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    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Your request will be passed on. As you are making suggestions, perhaps the idea and suggestions section would be more appropriate next time. This post has been moved there for you. Thank you.

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