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Discussion in 'Help' started by Wiseslayer, Aug 16, 2021.

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  1. Wiseslayer

    Wiseslayer Forum Apprentice

    Used to play a long time ago so old account has been deleted not that it would help any with how much has changed lol. So I understand the basic concepts, and I've gotten to level 6 now with the warship and I've discovered I can buy the 55s and then swap them into parts then back into 60s for decent damage and just now figured out I can get more slots on the ship with gold. It's all a little confusing with the amount of items and currencies and there not being any sort of tutorial to figure out what is what or where.

    So can anyone tell me what I should be focusing on in the beginning? Castles seem super expensive for the small percentage they provide, skills seem like a good bet with what crystals I come across. Just don't know if I should spend my pearls on crystals for skills, or keys or what lol. Or where I should go to collect all these currencies.
  2. ~xZukerx~

    ~xZukerx~ Active Author

    1. Level up as fast as you can. Also, use your resources (gold, pearls, crowns, etc) to improve your boat:

    2. Buy Expansion Slots and Cannons.

    3. Upgrade and unlock your Castles.
    - Carpenter Expertise
    - Cannon loading;
    - Damage Reduction;
    - Probability of hit;
    - Cannon damage;
    - Extra Weapons;
    - Sterpnost
    - Chance to Dodge (Voodo Castle)

    4. Can you put money in? If you can, buy the starter packs:
    Enter the Sea;
    Pirates prepare;
    Raiders Raise;
    Corsairs Commence.
    You'll get crowns, pearls, crystals, jewelry bags, ammo and cannons, as well as buffs, action items and extensions to improve some of your ship's stats.

    5. Can't you put money in? Follow the same steps here. But when the new season starts, try to accumulate as many effort coins and keys as possible. You will be able to make excellent cannons as well as gather other items. Use keys wisely.

    6. The big tip is: improve your account to be able to farm resources. With more features (pearls, crowns, etc.) you will be able to improve your account even more and this will create a virtuous circle.

    Seafight has changed a lot. It became a rich man's game. You pay to be the best. Although it is a "good" RPG, its essence has been corrupted by the religion of money, where the God is profit.

    Before, it was just dedicating yourself that things came, the more time you spent at sea, the faster you climbed. Today, you need to have a credit card with a really good limit.

    Level up, find a guild and it will help a bit.
  3. Wiseslayer

    Wiseslayer Forum Apprentice

    Ya I understand I have no chance against the big payers, just looking for tips on what to start with.

    I assume max out the expansion slots cause those dont seem very costly. Anything I should save up for after that or just start on the castles next or skill sheet? Is there a certain map or npc I should be looking to hit?

    I'm gonna hammer out as many quests and levels as I can, heard the sun maps good , but half the stuff I can find is super old and outdated. I'll check out the starter packs you mentioned too. Thanks
  4. Sea~Stream

    Sea~Stream Active Author

    My personal opinion (non-payment plan) Cannon loader Adamantine hull ,and Centre board castles.Then you will be able to make pearls etc to build everything else Once a month get a couple cauldren of saba crates £1.70 you'll always get goodies cannon etc and the chance of a good design with good level gem's.

    Don't be in any hurry to level up as your running into monsters instead worry about cannons and slots.Once season starts again you'll be able to make and get free cannons.

    You could go out and spend a fortune but believe me your wasting your hard earned cash.Play and build for cheap as possible and when you are lucky enough to get a low rep kill against one of these monsters the feelings that much sweeter ;) Play and build but most of all enjoy Good luck bud Sea
  5. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Demigod

    And *always* wait until "Castle Days" when you get 25% off on the costs of slots and their corresponding skills that you can choose from. One thing also for down the road: Always analyze the increments and be sure that increasing something is worth it. Example: In the Voodoo Castle skill "Amulet Pedestal", you will see here that the first 6 levels increase by 5%, but the last 4 by only half as much-----> Since everything tends to cost more the higher you go, you have to decide if it is worth paying a lot of pearls for a small increase. One more example: When placing skills in your "Skill Tree", note that under "Defensive Skills - Tier 1" the skill "Reduce Harm" awards you nothing (zip) for adding a 49th and 50th skill--> Why this was designed this way other than to fool players into wasting pearls, crystals, and crowns is beyond me. So be watchful so you don't get cheated (but note that if you mistakenly maxed out "Reduce Harm", you can use Reset Tokens to fix it...thank goodness)!
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2021
  6. Wiseslayer

    Wiseslayer Forum Apprentice

    Thanks for the tips I'll look into getting some crates. I found under crew the captains area that give some pretty good rewards I think every 2 hours I just don't know which quest to send my captain on? I've been doing the one for 2,500 crowns but I don't even know what to use them on besides the lower sellsword for more cannon slots which I did. The others give a lot less but I assume those rewards might be worth a lot more?

    I saw that the last reduce harm levels did nothing, but I'll definitely make sure to read each level on stuff to see if it's worth it, great advice thanks
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  7. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Demigod

    In my opinion, and considering the relative value of each and how hard or easy it is to obtain them, I think at your level I would value Crowns first, then Yulong coins, then Safanad coins. So I would use Captain Ravenbeard to do the Quests in this order: (1) "Of Great Reknown" - 5,000 crowns reward; (2) "Sow the Path" - 2,500 crowns reward; (3) "All Aboard!" - 200 yulong coins reward; (4) "Earthbound" - 100 yulong coins reward; and then the final two quests both pay 100 Safanad coins, so unless you need one of the items like a "Golden Key" or "Hip Flask" for a quest, then they are of equal value so just do one, then the other. During "Jolly Roger Days", 5,000 crowns will get you 100,000 rounds of flares (you can do this 5 times) and the Level 2 Sellsword Officer costs 2,500 crowns per day (he gives you 40 extra cannon slots; the Level 1 Sellsword Officer gives you 30 extra cannon slots). And as someone above mentioned, read the Seafight Bible closely. Go to the Forum and click under "Seafight Bible" on the "General FAQs", then on "Index" and read every individual item (over time).
  8. ~xZukerx~

    ~xZukerx~ Active Author

    In fact, fighting big payers is a problem. But if you find a good match, that detail doesn't matter much.

    On maps 13, 14 15 there is Hell Drakir, it's good for farming pearls.

    But there are also Raid Maps (Sun, Behemoth, Commonwealth and Chi-Chi) are also alternatives to pearls.

    On maps 21 to 25 there are Renow, Warrior, Guardian and Surprise to farm Crowns.

    Expansion Slots and Cannons you should prioritize, along with castles (Charge, Damage Reduction, Carpenter Expertise and at least one speed).
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  9. Wiseslayer

    Wiseslayer Forum Apprentice

    Thanks everyone for the advice. I'm starting to get a general idea of what to focus on. Switched servers cause I realized it put me in Europe instead of America so no one was ever on, which was boring, but I did die less lol.

    Level 11 now, got one of the beginner packs, going to get another towards the end of the month and got a crate. Got a good amount of skills setup with the crystals from that and got some decent gems so I have one skin for ships and one for monsters which helps me farm these shipwrecks, got 9 painbringers so far which I think is good?

    Got cannons and expansion slots up into the pearl sections, stopped when it costs 5k pearls for 1 more cannon, doesn't seem like a great gain at the moment.

    Got a couple hit probability castle levels, waiting on castle day to do more.

    Reclamation station broke as soon as I switched so have been stuck with 55s and whatever quest cannons I get, would have been nice to be full admirals by now.

    Wish I noticed the flares for crowns when it was Jolly Roger day, guess next time lol. Hoping the 5k crowns quest unlocks soon don't know why I can't do that one. Going to read the seafight bible now thanks again
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  10. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Demigod

    If you cannot get Captain Ravenbeard to automatically do the "Of Great Renown" quest daily for 5,000 crowns, my guess is that you must be a minimum Level of 21. So if that's true, then for all of these automatic quests, you must be at the correct level to do them manually, before you can have Captain Ravenbeard do them automatically. (Check your Seafight Bible for Quests and the Requirements for each). For example, if the quest "All Aboard!" is dimmed out and you can't do it either, that confirms my theory, since you must be at least Level 39 to do it.
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2021
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  11. Wiseslayer

    Wiseslayer Forum Apprentice

    Thanks, I did luck into that page earlier which is helpful for getting at least some stuff from these events. And Defiant thats what I figured, I believe there is a 2nd one blacked out but I'd have to double check.
  12. If you join the seafight facebook page...there are times when they post info that can be helpful there as well. I have not received on in a while, but I used to get a newsletter as well that always notified info regarding upcoming events and voucher codes. You might ask an admin about that. Whatever...good luck in getting that account leveled up so you can enjoy some of the benefits of the upper maps.
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  13. Wiseslayer

    Wiseslayer Forum Apprentice

    All aboard is available so I don't know why the other isnt.
  14. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Demigod

    Post the question in "General Questions" for the Moderators to answer.
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  15. Wiseslayer

    Wiseslayer Forum Apprentice

    Alright I did.

    Now in the shop there are level 1 through 3 items for example chains, but the level ones require level zeros in order to "buy" which seems more fit for the crafting section but that's another discussion lol. Where do you get the level 0 items usually?

    Edit: Just got on and found the other sections of the crafting stations and found these items
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2021
  16. õWler

    õWler Someday Author

    The ship extension for lvl 0 usually u can craft it at seachart crafting button at the bottom of where u click to check for ship equipment.
    usually ship extension we get only from payment with real cash,
    there is some in the package that give higher lvl ship extension
    n when there is ship extension sale u can get it for cash
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  17. Papagomo

    Papagomo Forum Greenhorn

    hello there..can u help me out on how to equipped hardwood beam? i dont know how to..newbies here..thanks alot..
  18. Nimitz

    Nimitz S-Moderator Team Seafight

    Hello Mate,

    If you look in the section under
    ship equipment on this page in the Seafight bible you can read about equipping items. Cannons and beams are added the same way. Hope this helps!
  19. Papagomo

    Papagomo Forum Greenhorn

    Thanks Mate..
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