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    Ship Overview

    The Ship Overview allows you to view and change some account information, equip cannons, expansions, sails, and view the items and boosters you have on your ship among other things!

    To open the Ship Overview, click on the Ship at the top of your screen, as shown in the picture below:


    You will now see this screen. This has 5 tabs that you can choose from. A description of each is below.

    Ship Overview

    Here you can view information about your account, such as your Avatar, Username, User ID, Start Date, Level, Experience Points, Elite Points, Battle Points and your Rank.

    We have given you the option to view your Slots or hide them. This option can be chosen on the left side of the screen under the "Edit profile" heading, labelled "Slots". Simply uncheck the box if you would like to hide your slots, or check the box if you would like to see them.

    Note: Regardless of the option chosen, other players will not be able to see your weapon slots under any circumstances.

    You may want to change the badge on the right side of your ship every once in a while. Do not worry, this can also be easily achieved by clicking the "Badges" button under the "Edit profile" heading. Clicking this will open a new window showing all of the available badges on your account, simply choose one and click its name to equip it!


    Finally, but one of the most important is being allowed to switch designs, and click to have your favourite designs shown on a small display window. Clicking the "Switch designs" button will show you a list of all your designs with equipped gems, click the star next to a design to add it to your Design Favourites! Click another design to switch to that design!

    switchdesigns.png switchdesigns2.png
    Once a design has been added to the favourites, you can then open the Design Favourites Menu. In the top left of the Ship Overview window, you will find a button with a star inside, clicking this will then open the Design Favourites Menu.



    More information about the profile section, including changing your Account Data can be found in the Profile bible entry.

    Ship Equipment

    Ship Equipment is where you can equip different items onto your current Preset.

    At the top of this window you will see some numbers; these are your slots. The three icons represent your Weapon Slots (Cannons), Expansion Slots and your Figurehead Slots. The left number is how many you have equipped and the right number is the total amount of slots you have.


    This screen shows 4 additional equipment tabs. These are: Damage Cannon, Repair Cannon, Expansions and Figureheads. The left-hand side of these of these show which are "In storage", the right-hand side show which items are currently "Equipped" on your preset.


    You can move the entire stack of cannons over by clicking them on the left side then drag them across to the right. This will automatically fill as many cannons as possible of that type.

    You also are given the option to move cannons over one at a time. Simply click each cannon and then one cannon will be moved to the "Equipped" side of your ship.

    You can also equip a specified amount by holding the "Ctrl" key and clicking on the cannon you choose. A new window will then appear allowing you to move over a specific amount of your choosing.


    Want to just auto-fill the slots? Well you can do that too! Pressing the arrow button will move as many cannons from storage as allowed to the equipped side. The cannons in the top left of the storage area are always moved first, then next one on the top line, and so on.


    The same processes as above can be repeated for Repair Cannon, Expansions and Figureheads in order to equip these.

    To remove any of the above items, follow the same procedures: single clicking, clicking and dragging, pressing the arrow buttons or by the Ctrl and click method to use the slider.

    You will see on the top left-hand corner it displays your current preset. You can give this a name of your choice by double-clicking the text and then typing your new name. You can also switch to another preset by pressing the dropdown button to the right of the preset name and then selecting your other preset.


    Another feature is the tooltips. Hover your mouse over any item in this window and you will see a pop up describing the item and the amount of them you have on your account. It will also inform you of any stat increases as shown below.


    On the far right of the screen, you can view current values of some of your stats. Hovering over one of these stats will give you a breakdown of how that value is calculated.


    You will also see that there is a Merchant button on this screen. Clicking on this will take you to the Home Pages, where you can purchase more items.

    Should you so wish, you can also purchase more Slots for Cannons or Expansions. This can be done by clicking the "four lines" icon on the right-hand side of the window, and then moving the sliders to the appropriate amount you would like to purchase. The total cost will be displayed for your selected purchases below. If acceptable, click "Buy Slot".



    You will then be given one final chance to review and confirm your purchase.


    Note: This payment can not be reversed, so please make sure you double check your purchase before pressing the buy button.


    The sails tab, as the name might suggest, allows you to equip sails onto your boat.

    This can be done in the same ways as described above; you can click individual sails, click and drag a type of sail to move the whole stack, press the Ctrl button and click to use the slider, or press the arrow buttons to auto-fill the sail slots.


    On the right-hand side, you can see the speed values being gained by which type of sails you have equipped.


    The next tab we have is the Depot. This will show items which are stored on your account, such as Keys, Necklaces, Expansions, Quest Items etc.


    Again you will also see the Merchant tab on the bottom right. This will take you to the appropriate section to purchase more items.


    This shows the duration of the boosters on your account. Hovering your mouse over any of the boosters listed in here will, like other items, show a tooltip containing more information on that booster and what stats are gained or lost from having it.


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