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Discussion in 'Help' started by Wiseslayer, Aug 16, 2021.

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    PEGASUS3 Forum Greenhorn

    quit the game now before you get addicted there are so many cheats and bots in the game these days only about 10% are real players that are honest players that dont use programs, you're better of spending your money else where on a game where the developers gibe a damn.
    Ive noticed tonight on gb1 server i mentioned a player getting sunk over 300 times tonight and boarded for over 500bil gold , and that they sail to the same corner every time , if we notice this but the programers dont tell them to *Edit* and do something about it , my money goes on a different game these days where they give a shiv
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  2. Sea~Stream

    Sea~Stream Active Author

    Find another game *Edit* ,Your atleast 10 years to late go and enjoy a game that has an even playing field this game's played on a slope.

    Once was one of the best games but now I would'nt recommend to my worst enemy ;) Good luck anyway
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  3. -pysa-*

    -pysa-* Junior Expert

    I played this game for 12 years until august this year. Know I will never get back, Bigpoint has made so many mistakes and horrible decisions. Almost everyone is cheating, almost everyone who has ever played this game has left for good, and this game is very p2w. Dont get too attached to seafight, it cant possible have long left :(
  4. Piiikeツ

    Piiikeツ Forum Apprentice

    I miss you already <3
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