Pathetic Cheaters in Events.

Discussion in 'General Feedback' started by The*Defiant, Dec 11, 2020.

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  1. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Overlooker

    During the 2020 Christmas Event: One player has 6+ boats, and I'm pretty certain all of them are running 24/7. I sink one of his boats right after the other, all shooting Battering Ram and Maia's Guardian NPCs while accumulating Gingerbread men (with no effort on the player's part). Very disheartening. My only option seems to be if I don't like it, then quit. That's a sad reward for playing this game for 11 years with honesty.
  2. *Wonder*

    *Wonder* Advanced

    that is why i refuse to spend real money on this game....
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  3. Rafdebelg2

    Rafdebelg2 Forum Apprentice

    good afternoon
    They don't do anything about it and then those players come on the map to sink everyone they let their robots run all day even in the looting folders it's actually not so as it should certainly also on the side of SF GR raf
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  4. Hey bud...I don't think BP has any reason or incentive to restrict players from running bot programs. I agree with you that it is amazing how many bots there are now. There are some fairly simple ways BP could stop these accounts, but have you ever seen any action on their part to do it? No. I know you like writing posts in the forums because I have seen you complaining about all the same things that concern me about the game. I also think the percentage of players who actually enter the forums is minimal and those who read posts are even a smaller number. Also, no one from BP reads the posts....just the forum admin checking that rules are not broken (which is very ironic since they don't do anything about the Just saying...while I completely agree with you about what you say here and in most of your other posts, you are preaching to the choir...don't expect anything to come of your efforts.
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  5. Swift

    Swift Board Administrator Team Seafight


    I feel I need to come in here on a couple of your points as you have directly mentioned board admins, which I am one.

    Firstly, let me state we are players too - the same frustrations you experience, we experience. You state we do nothing about the bots, quite simply we are board admins; we admin the board, produce your FAQs and answer your queries. Any reports of players breaking the T&C should be sent to Support, we here on the forum do not have the ability to action any reports, nor is the forum the correct place to air these reports.

    I can also state with 100% certainty, confidence and honesty that these forums are read by members of the Bigpoint team, on a few occasions you may have even seen JohnRackham answering a few posts here on the forum. And, of course, we forward players thoughts, suggestions and grievances, like we will this thread, so your posts are certainly being seen.

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  6. Well Swift...I appreciate your response to my post and, no, I have never seen JR post anything on any post I have written or read. Ever. I have sent lists of players that are running bots to support and have never received anything back other than the typical cut and paste answers that support is famous for. "we are aware of bots and are doing our best...blah, blah, blah"...and yet the same players are there, every day, running their programs. As in the post I responded too, BP never does anything but, seemingly, reward the members who have been running bot programs for years...just look at the top players list and you will know who the players running bots are, or check the players who win all the events...same players all the time...obviously. I realize that you are players. Good to know that someone reads the posts, but, as I said, the only result is comments by the few other players who waste time in the forums, or the admins, like you, who just check to see if the forum rules are being followed, but doing nothing to resolve the multiple issues the game has, or the players who break the actual game rules. Cheers
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  7. and I still cannot log into the game... The client is not flash dependent, right? I deleted flash yesterday, but was still able to long on. This issue began last night, hours after.
  8. Sephiroth

    Sephiroth Junior Expert

    The forum is the only place in this whole game that actually sticks to the rules and the in game chat lol.

    On sea is very much a "pirates" outtake. bend the rules and do as you please. if you cant beat em.. join em attitude xD
  9. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Overlooker

    I can indeed verify that, although rare, I too have read multiple posts by John Rackham over the years (for what it is worth). I still enjoy having a Forum in which to give feedback, and I enjoy knowing I have done so. As Elon Musk says, you need criticism to improve the product. At best, things get improved even if "at the margin", where incremental change accumulates over time to some significant change. At worse, nothing is done, but I can see that other players are experiencing similar troubles, and it isn't just me.
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  10. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Overlooker

    I may be incorrect, but my understanding is that the Client - at least for now - does still incorporate the use of Flash.
  11. My understanding was that the client was not flash dependent...but oh well. I uninstalled flash yesterday after receiving a notification from BP and my game was still running, but last night I was having lag issues and hit F5 and have not been able to log in since. I wrote to support and they said I needed to reinstall the client. 4 times later and I still cannot get online. 49% or 'lost connection' Oh...I also reinstalled flash.
  12. I never saw a post by John...but I quit playing for a long time.. I find writing in the forum to be a little frustrating since it never results in anything productive. I haven't seen any evidence of 'incremental change' in anything that I could call a game improvement...only more things that beg for additional $s. I have, however, seen a lot of significant change towards the other end of the spectrum. No, it is certainly not just you... I do still enjoy playing the game and, honestly, I can deal with the bots...they don't really have an effect on my game play. I don't worry about statistics and just plug along as I have done since the early days of the game. My issues lately have been more due to horrible game lag and login issues.
  13. it! You are right...although I don't plan on running a program even if it means that I cannot be competitive with those who do.
  14. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Overlooker

    Arky (who knows a lot about how this game runs, and I'll leave it at that) is the one I believe who "popped into" Forum and explained it still had a flash component. John Rackham - where are you to explain this? (And Swift - you do a H*** of a job mate, and I thank you for it)!

    The changes that I refer to mainly seem to be like this: players griping about ammo limits set for an Event and suddenly the limits disappear. Or "These Event NPCs hit too hard and the rewards stink". Voila! Patchday Notes come out and this has been adjusted in our favor. So I see changes made, just not really "broadcast loudly". (And the lag has been worse than ever. I watch an indicator in the Display Options of "load" and at night when it would frequently hit 1,000, I thought that was bad. The other night it hit 1,800+ and goodness - my boat was a mess to try to run)!

    My view on using a bot to gain an advantage is this: I have always liked playing one-on-one basketball. So say a buddy and I are playing to 100 (by 2s) and I lead 78-54. But then Michael Jordan walks up and my buddy (who happens to be his childhood friend...imagine that) says: "Hey Mike! Come beat this clown for me!" and I lose 100-78. Did I lose the game? Yes. Did my buddy beat me. No. Where is the gratification in that?
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  15. Well, I guess we can all have our different 'goals' in game playing and if it is just to win *EDIT*...I it mike if you want... For me, I am not that competitive, so it just does not matter. There are a certain group of players who are going to out MJ me every time and I just can't do anything about it...I just take it out on noobs. (smile) I seem to remember getting chained a lot 10 years ago what is the difference. I do think it is a little crazy when there are more bots running than players though. Most of my issues are related to lag too and the amazing people at customer support who have learned to cut and paste answers better than I had imagined possible. They have also highly developed deflection skills. *EDIT*

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  16. шüʟғ™

    шüʟғ™ Someday Author

    Well it easy for BA to do something and not just sit and do anything about the problems with bots.
    If all of you in this forum and all other forum BA say the same thing and give Bigpoint a choice.

    1. Do something about the bots (read CHEATERS)

    2. If not we dont want to be BA anymore

    Its easy and all CA (chat admins) should do the same.

    So what are you all waiting for?

    Or is the "payment" you all get each month more important then servers get free from cheaters?
    (If so I can start a crowdfunding for you I have no problem to pay to get rid of the cheaters)

    This event Bigpoint award all cheaters an easy way to get Worldbreaker cannon level 5 in the main Base event ranking.

    Is that fair?

    I play alot realy many hours to get my ship good again after 6 years leave from the game.
    In the two Base event rank list Im like place 40 and 60.
    If they erase all cheaters from the list I would get top 5 easy.

    So what are all admins waiting for, get into the front and take the battle NOW.
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  17. Sephiroth

    Sephiroth Junior Expert

    I dont think its fair to blame it on CA or BA.

    lets face it... the real reason people dont get banned for it is because the seafight playerbase has drastically dropped, and continuing to drop. its very rare you see new players on this game that stick around.

    If bigpoint was to ban every bot user permanantly. you guys that dont use programmes simply wouldnt have a game to play, because the game wouldnt be profitable anymore and then the game would get closed.

    Bigpoint has let the bot using get so out of hand that 90% if not more of the playerbase uses them.

    No matter what they tell you on here, its clear of day. they CANT ban bot users, not permanently anyway without shooting themself in the foot aka bank balance
  18. шüʟғ™

    шüʟғ™ Someday Author

    I dont blame the CA or the BA but they can give the crew in Hamburg a choice

    Alot more "players" now using bots and have went over to the darkside.
    "If you can't beat them, join them."
    A phrase I have heard many old "players" say to me.

    Can thay ban all bots permanently?

    This is hard to say because I realy dislike all cheaters that cant play a game fair.

    Give them amnesty for all the abuse they have done before a date.
    But if they keep using bot after 2020-12-16 12:00 their accounts will be permanently banned from game.
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  19. MiniMeanie

    MiniMeanie Padavan

    You and everyone else are all missing the point. Everyone that spends a penny on this game are already crowdfunding, however you are not crowdfunding to get rid of the cheats, you are crowdfunding to keep them in the game.

    The only way to stop the cheats is to hit the company in the pocket. When there is no revenue they will have 2 choices. Remove the cheats or close the game. Either suits me. The game is so dull and boring now. Every event is a copy paste of the last one. The developers have given up. Don't believe it when they say we can't concentrate on removing cheats as we are constantly working to evolve the game. This game hasn't evolved in years. New cannon? sure, but cannon all the same, new trophies, sure but trophies all the same, new levels, again sure but only for a week. Complete the quests level up, back to the boredom.

    In the last 2-3 year really the only new content is the Almahareen bonus map thing, and the captain which does some of your scrolls (seafights answer to scroll bots), and the season (which I agree helps everyone)

    This is not the Board, chat or game admins fault. They do pass on how unhappy players are, it's the developers and community managers that don't give a monkeys.

    So stop fooling yourselves that anything will ever be done because you write on a forum. Stop spending money,
    *edit*, and go do something more constructive with your real life friends and family. It's what I've done.

    I have stopped spending money. I log on for an hour or so to catch up with a couple of quests. If new levels come out I'll probably level up, just because I want to, I'll get what I need from the next season, but not a penny more will I give them.
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  20. USSChallenger1

    USSChallenger1 Old Hand

    It's been some years from my last posting here in the forum but, I want to add my 2 cents to this thread, I have seen some John Rackham posts over the years and it's good to see/read postings from those peeps. The Bot issue will always plague this game and every other game out there irregardless of the playing platform. Do you remember the Clinton-era inspired way to talk or behave called "politically-correct" well, unfortunately, this game relies on that coinage of a phrase as to not hurt the feelings of others and to keep it nice and clean because of the under 18 age groups that play this game, well, to me the attitude towards this game from the devs and others who are ultimately responsible for this game are not professionals. Like any business that depends on customers to pay for items and products they offer, you as the consumer expect a certain level of dependability and serviceability of said product or we will exchange or refund your money back. The consumer (you) has experienced lag issues and other faulty log on crashes and the miles long CS tickets filed 13 at BP concerning Bots and cheaters with almost certainty these are dependability and serviceability issues which have cause many great players to quit or greatly reduce the amount of hours playing this, if anything most have stopped paying hard cash for a broken game and went onto other more productive things to do. Personally, I log on to collect the daily bonus and to check if any event vouchers are valid and then log off. When I started playing in 2011, I played for hours on end and truly enjoyed it, but back then we had issues then too but not as bad as they currently are, you couldn't sail into any map and not expect a chaining from someone from a guild or have guild wars expanding over several maps. Like most of you I have spent a small fortune on my boats and now I don't because it's a money pit with no possibility of a cash return in any amount. I do miss the fun this game has had in the past and the countless friends I met over the years, but I have other more important needs to tend to as most of you do too, it's a shame that this product has become what it is due to being "politically-correct towards their players. So, my friends if I see ya on the water sometime it'll be a pleasure.

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