Pathetic Cheaters in Events.

Discussion in 'General Feedback' started by The*Defiant, Dec 11, 2020.

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  1. -masterjedi-

    -masterjedi- Someday Author

    lol a topic worth posting about. remember the post when they offered people a way out if they owned up to breaking the rules ? that says it all. its clear ownership doesn't care to stop the rule breaking or enforce the terms and conditions. I will leave it at that if I go any further I will get a ban. stay safe
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  2. Loki1621

    Loki1621 Junior Expert

    now is the time to clean up this game .its a new year and a new system. send every boat an email to be verified if they are not then suspended the account if no answer by 1st of feburary delete the acct.
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  3. ableseaman2

    ableseaman2 Active Author

    Do you like your prime ministre?-I"M russian
  4. *Wonder*

    *Wonder* Advanced

    This cheating has been going on for that last 8 years or so and getting worse every year,,,,this game has been taken over by the players that cheat and the honest player does not have a chance......that is why i refuse to buy anything with real money....not until the cheats are gone....and that will never happen,,,,NEVER,.....
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  5. PainDestroyer

    PainDestroyer Forum Greenhorn

    I personally am not happy about the -10% correction which i am hitting on a daily basis throughout the event due to being at home from work and wanting to gain all the rewards from the event.

    I do however have a solution.

    Rather than punishing players with a minus 10% and then i minus 20% and so on forcing them to logout why don't we do something a little different.

    Why don't we randomly force players into a safe map (auto teleport) after durations of play time, 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours and make it go 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours and to make it fail proof we could make all ships login and that would be the starting map before you leave.

    Inside this map there will be a quest giver who gives you a random code like a google code lasts for 6 seconds and than changes.

    so to leave the map you have to click on the quest giver, input the code and you automatically leave, if you don't you will remain there until you input the correct code.

    for something which would take 30 seconds of our time to go in and go out would potentially save the game and eliminate bots.
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  6. *Wonder*

    *Wonder* Advanced

    I am not happy with the 10% also....because i am being punished for being honest....bp could punish the cheats in many ways, but they will not because of all comes down to money....

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