Payment Packages Need to Improve a lot.

Discussion in 'General Feedback' started by Sea-Sea, Jan 10, 2021.

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  1. Sea-Sea

    Sea-Sea Regular

    For new and low lvl. players, some of the current packages may have some value. i.e. packages with ribs/rowboats/lanterns/steel chains lvl 5 and lvl 4/5 painbringers/worldbreakers, but for medium and especially high level players, most of the packages the last year have been totally worthless.

    Items, that I would like to see in a much higher extend in the payment packages, are:

    - Bastion Cannon (min 6 pcs for every 10 euro)
    - Sellsword lvl 4 (min 7 days for every 15 euro)
    - Agility trainer lvl 4 (min 7 days for every 15 euro)
    - Agression trainer lvl 4 (min 7 days for every 15 euro)
    - Gemini Primus/Secundus (both buffs in same package and min 7 days for every 15 euro)
    - Scorpio buff (min 7 days for every 15 euro)
    - Speed fishing buff (min 7 days for every 15 euro)
    - Jolly Roger buff (min 7 days for every 15 euro)
    - Bemonth Repair Staff (min 10 days for every 10 euro)
    - Steel Fortification (min 7 days for every 15 euro)
    - Crowns (min. 100.000 for every 10 euro)
    - Yulong (min 10.000 for every 10 euro)
    - Safrand (min 5.000 for every 10 euro)

    I'm not saying, that all mentioned items should be in the same package, but I doubt that even 5% of the paying customers have bought the packages that have been available the last year, maybe except from the Black Friday packages?

    A package shown as an example below would most likely be bought by nearly all paying customers.

    59,99 EUR/USD

    - 40 pcs Bastion lvl 0
    - 28 days Sellsword lvl 4
    - 28 days Gemini Primus
    - 28 days Gemini Secundus
    - 600.000 Crowns
    - 60.000 Yulong
    - 30.000 Safrand
    - 500 Taureau amulets
    - 500 Poseidon Crowns
    - 60 days Bemonth repair staff

    The way the packages have been put together for the last year, I honestly wonder, if the person in charge off the packages has any idea, what so ever, what the players desire/want?

    I would think, that a good business strategy is to get the customers to use as much money as possible on the game, but to do so, BP needs to figure out, what the customers are willing to pay for, and that should not be so difficult, if they just had a minimum of insight in the game itself.

    2019 was an acceptable year, with many packages worth buying, while 2020 was extremely disappointing with very few packages worth buying (I only bought some packages to get access to the "Buccaners Market" and some Black Friday Packages). Hopefully 2021 will be better. But on the other hand, with no packages worth buying, I and most other paying customers will save a lot of money, just as we did in 2020.

    What would you like to see as min. in the payment packages?
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