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  1. xristosvas1

    xristosvas1 Forum Apprentice

    does anyone know what npc gives the most pearls per hitpoint for example drakir hrell gives 1000 and has 500,000 hit point so 1 pearl every 500 hitpoints Frosty Scar gives 6300 and has 4m hit points so 1p/635hit which means it is better to go for drakir hrell since it gives the same amount of pearls for 135 less hit points. does anyone know what npc has the lowest hitpoint for 1 pearl

    AKYBOY Someday Author

  3. Bawdyn

    Bawdyn Count Count

    The Drakir Hrell are 2k, not 1k, if you also get last shot. So for pearls, they are much better. The Frosty Scar is an admiral ship, so there are other reasons for hitting it than pearls (admiral points and season coins).
  4. Rymar

    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight


    I believe that Drakir Hrell would be best on regular maps.

    Personally when it comes to farming pearls I would recommend you to level up as quick as you can (to level 26+) so you can access the Commonwealth Raid map.

    Within this map you can find NPC called Gildblade which provides you about 1800 pearls each 1000 x pearls for boarding making it one of the best profitable npc within the game.

  5. xristosvas1

    xristosvas1 Forum Apprentice

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