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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Swift, Jul 31, 2021.

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  1. Swift

    Swift Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Pirate Lords

    Ahoy Pirates,

    Please leave any feedback in this discussion thread, for your thoughts and comments on the
    Pirate Lords Event.

    Remember to stay within forum rules or you may find your forum privileges removed.

    Your Seafight Team

    AIRTEC Junior Expert

    Give us an option to sail with designs in 4D or 8d these designs are nice just for me the sail direction makes these designs horrible
  3. °•Hσввιт•°

    °•Hσввιт•° Someday Author

    the “Lord Obscurus” design and the “Obscurus” design are the same?
    The event ship is Purple but the design is red so I can't tell if I already have it or if I need to try more because I got crowns as a reward.

    Never mind. I got my answer :D


    Patience is a virtue :rolleyes:
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  4. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Ambassador

    The first day I shot a good bit off of one "Hollow Lord" and only received 980 Burning Ice ammo and 50 Safanad coins. I haven't shot any Event ships since then. I hope that wasn't indicative of the payouts.
  5. abah2

    abah2 Active Author

    I helped shoot a Kraken Lord earlier today and got 99k pearls. The Hollow Lord had an abysmal payout and my cannon damage was 45k per shot. Today, it was 270k. After the Hollow experience, I didn't even try to shoot a Burning Ice Lord yesterday.
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  6. Bawdyn

    Bawdyn Forum Veteran

    I saw and participated in shooting one Hollow Lord and one Burning Ice Lord. I saw no other event ships during the couple of hours each day I played. The pearl payout on them was between so-so and OK, nothing great. The ammo payout on them was probably <10% of the ammo I used.

    So, no ships to shoot plus minimal payout when you do find one means a poor event, IMO.
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    ☠FIREBALL☠ Active Author

    2021-08-01 19:00:28
    You received 274 x Black gunpowder.
    2021-08-01 19:00:28
    You received 391954 EXP (experience points).
    2021-08-01 19:00:28
    You sank Kraken Lord's ship.
    2021-08-01 19:00:28
    You received 29172 x Soul Eater ammunition.
    2021-08-01 19:00:28
    You received 38177 x Crowns.
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  8. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Ambassador

    OUCH! Wow - that is pretty pitiful! Thank you for posting this!

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