Pirate Test 13-14

Discussion in 'New Pirate Tutorials' started by Gotcha™, Mar 18, 2020.

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  1. Gotcha™

    Gotcha™ Forum Greenhorn

    Hi Guys

    Where can i find my test for 13-14?

    I last played 2009 and alot have changed

    Thanks in advance

    TEX~BULL User

    It can be found by speaking to Sigurd Lundgren in Safe Haven next to the 11 map:

    Do Unto Others

    Start At: Sigurd Lundgren (SH-11)


    Inflict 500,000 Damage to Frosty Scar

    Where to find!?
    Frosty Scar found in maps 11, 12 and 13 (Appears after 40 Icy Scythe's are sunk)

    End At: Eona Norling (SH-11)

    Level 14
    125,000 Experience Points
    10 Voodoo Cannons
    25,000 Pearls

  3. Gotcha™

    Gotcha™ Forum Greenhorn

    On the map is it above map11? the SH-11 i mean
  4. Gotcha™

    Gotcha™ Forum Greenhorn

    btw where can i find shipwreck and what is it look like
  5. Bawdyn

    Bawdyn Forum Baron

    The SH means Save Haven. The SH-11 can be accessed from the top of map 11, the right of map 13 and the bottom of map 14.

    TEX~BULL User

    The ones you are asking about would be these we believe:


    And they are in every map on the Seachart.

  7. Gotcha™

    Gotcha™ Forum Greenhorn

    TEX-BULL i checked the Sigurd Lundgren (SH-11) but no Quest like that. i have 6m exp so im pretty sure it should have been there.

    See pic below


    Last edited: Mar 22, 2020
  8. °•Hσввιт•°

    °•Hσввιт•° Someday Author


    from Seafight Bible: Test: Level 13 - Level 14

    Note: You need to complete all Quests: Level 13 - 14 before you can view and attempt this Test.

    Hope it helps
  9. Gotcha™

    Gotcha™ Forum Greenhorn

    Thank you so much

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