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get rid of map pop-ups like the error message and menu items. (or give players the option to disable

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  1. I have been suggesting for months that the idiotic error message that pops up right in the middle of the screen either be trashed, moved to the side, made smaller, or allow players to toggle it off and on as they wish. It interferes with game play and literally stops the game until it is closed. If you are being attacked and accidently hit 'board' twice, you get blocked by the error message...and several other nonsensical messages that anyone playing the game for more than 2 weeks already realizes. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! the developers have decided that we need BIG BLACK DESCRIPTION BOXES FOR MENU ITEMS that pop up if you randomly pass your mouse pointer over it. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID! With all the difficulties this game is having, why not make it more playable, rather than less? If people need to be "REFRESHED" on what a menu item is, just let them look in the bible.. or require a double click on the item rather than it just popping up at unwanted moments! My dog...what are you guys thinking?
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