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    Tired of manually changing your setups for different situations? Fear not pirate, presets allow you to save multiple setups which can easily be switched to in the click of a button!

    Each preset can be specifically designed for whatever purpose you wish to use it for: player vs. player fighting, repairing, and NPC battles. Go offensive, defensive, repair your mates, whatever you choose to do.

    What is stored in a Preset:

    Each preset can store different configurations of the following:
    • Cannons
    • Repair Cannons
    • Expansions
    • Figureheads
    • Pet
    • Trainers
    • Officers
    • Pirates
    • Pirate Equipment
    • Castles
    • Trophies
    Note: You will need to equip these for each preset.

    How to Unlock a Preset:

    Unlocking a Preset couldn't be a simpler task! Start by selecting the Ship Overview icon at the top of your Sea Chart page and click on the Ship Overview icon in the drop-down menu. Next, click on the Ship Equipment button located towards the top middle of the window that appears.


    Towards the top left of this window you will see the current name of your equipped Preset. Click on the "+" button to the right of the preset name and a new window shall appear labelled "New Preset". Take this time to review the price of the preset, if you would like to create a copy of your current preset (can be modified later) or a completely blank preset. Once you are happy clicking the green button labelled "Unlock" will unlock your next preset.


    Unlock Costs:

    You are currently allowed to have a maximum of 8 presets. The costs to unlock these are detailed below.

    Preset 1 - Free (Default)
    Preset 2 - 50,000 Gold
    Preset 3 - 500,000 Gold
    Preset 4 - 10,000 Pearls
    Preset 5 - 100,000 Pearls
    Preset 6 - 250,000 Pearls
    Preset 7 - 500,000 Pearls
    Preset 8 - 1,000,000 Pearls

    How to Change Presets:

    Once a preset is created, changing them around to suit your needs is easy. On the sections listed below, towards the top left of the window there is a drop-down box. The currently selected option will be your current preset with the name you have set. Simply clicking the drop-down button and clicking on one of your other presets will change all configurations to the ones saved in that preset.

    This dropdown option is shown in the following windows:

    • Ship Equipment
    • Crew
    • Pets
    • Castles
    • Trophies
    The other option which allows you to change your preset easily is using the design favorites menu. At the bottom of the favorites menu, you will also see a drop-down box with your presets as selectable options. Simply press the drop-down button and click on the preset you wish to switch to.

    Note: In order to change preset you must not be getting attacked or attacking. You can move while changing presets.

    Renaming your Presets:

    Although the name "Default SHIP Preset" might appeal to some of you pirates, some others among ye might want to change that to a more relatable name to the setup stored within it!

    Doing this is easy. First you need to switch to whichever preset you would like to rename, then it is as simple as double clicking its name! This will allow you to delete and change the text however you see fit. When you're done, simply click off of the text box and your changes will be saved.


    Note: In order to rename your preset you must not be getting attacked or attacking.

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