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    Your profile can be found on the SeaChart. This shows you information about your account, such as your Avatar, Username, User ID, Start Date, Level, Experience Points, Elite Points, Battle Points and your Rank.

    To view this information, you need to go to the Ship Overview. This can be found by clicking on the Ship at the top of your screen, as shown in the picture below:
    This will then open up the screen you see below, showing the information already mentioned.

    Changing your Username:

    Changing your Username is simple. On the Ship Overview screen as shown above, on the left side replace your current name with the new name you wish and then press Save!
    You are required to have a name with a minimum of 4 characters and maximum of 25 characters. Also, only UTF-8 characters are unable to be used, if you can not enter the special character in the box, then you will be unable to have this in your name.

    Note: You can only change your Username once a month.

    Changing your Avatar:

    Your Avatar will be displayed to other Users when they view your profile or in Group Map queues.

    Changing your Avatar is also just as simple! On the Ship Overview screen as shown above, on the left side, hover your mouse over your current Avatar and then press the "Edit" button.
    A window shall then appear allowing you to select the Default image or if you choose upload an image of your own from your computer. Once you have selected, press the "Accept" button.

    Edit Account Data

    The following categories are all about changing your account data. This can all be done by pressing the "Edit Account Data" button located to the bottom right of the Ship Overview section.


    Changing your Password:

    To change your password, click on the Edit Account Data button. and the first screen you will see is the one below. Simply type in the new password, repeat it and click next. You will get a message that an email has been sent to your email address and you will have to click on this to confirm the changes. Once done you will get a success message.

    Changing your E-mail:

    To change your email, click on the email icon on the left hand side, then type in your new email address, again an email will be sent to both of the email addresses with a confirmation link that you much click to authorise the changes.

    Changing your Newsletter Settings:

    To receive the newsletter, click the news letter tab and simply click Yes and save.

    Setting your Language Preferences:

    To set the language of the home pages select the language icon on the left hand side and from the drop down list on the right please select the language that you wish to use and click save.

    Changing your Birthdate:

    To change your birthdate, slimply click birthdate on the left hand side and enter from the drop downs your birthdate and click save.


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