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Discussion in 'New Pirate Tutorials' started by ßOMßER, Aug 22, 2020.

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  1. ßOMßER

    ßOMßER Someday Author

    What is the best pvp special gem to use for pvp? Would it be the plates of armor bonus or 5% dmg vs players or is there something else people use>
  2. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Count Count

    I have seen your post a couple of times with no answer yet, so I thought I would drop off my opinion on this. In one guild, our Leader (if I remember correctly) mentioned that for PvP, he used the Aventurine special gem (5% Plates of Armor Bonus). Right now, I am using the Topaz special gem (+49 Speed) because my boat "flies" and "the enemy can't sink what they can't catch"! (But I do get sunk a lot anyways). That said, my personal recommendation - and the one I use most often - is the Jadeit special gem (30% Amulet Bonus). If you combine that with the Voodoo Castle's "Amulet pedestal - +35% Amulet cool-down" and the Voodoo Castle's "Fortified Amulet Gems - +45% Amulet Bonus", then you will see that when you drop any size amulet for your Voodoo Shield, you get a really big increase over the normal amulet and the "amulet cool-down time" is much faster. For example: one Ogoun amulet is worth 10,000 Voodoo Points normally. With the set-up I suggested, that amulet drops for 17,500 Voodoo Points! P.S. For treasure chest hunting, be sure to use the Beryl special gem (+10% Treasure chest booty). Although it says only 10%, when you get a chest with one treasure chest key in it, you will get two instead. And if you get say one day of the Level 3 Agility Trainer, you will get him for two days instead!
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