reaping viper?

Discussion in 'Help' started by Piraten1968, Jul 26, 2020.

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  1. Piraten1968

    Piraten1968 Forum Greenhorn

    I have tried several times to come in the malstrom map to defeat 2 reping vipers and now i ask how to do it, when i have killed monsters enough to go in the map?
  2. lude1962

    lude1962 Forum Expert

    Skill tree
    set master skill to squids in (do this in SH)

    click the icon on the seachart when its on 100% to enter the map
  3. Rymar

    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight


    Reaping Viper can be found in a map called "Squids In".

    In order to get into that map you have to charge Economy's Master Skill "Squids In" to 100%.

    First off make sure that you have "Squids In" Master Skill activated in your Economy Sheet.


    Once you done that this Master Skill should apear in your MS menu like shown on photo below.

    Right now you have to charge your MS to 100%, this can be done by killing a bunch of monsters (around 150 monsters).

    My personal suggestion would be to do that in maps 1-5, because monsters that can be found there have low HP base.

    Once you charged your MS to 100% it should start glowing, which means it is ready to be used.

    Now, if you click on it 15 seconds cooldown will start however if you move or will be atacked by player/aggresive npc timer will stop and MS will drop down to 0% (you will have to start over again by killing monsters).

    Once you get teleported into "Squids In" map you can find a few kind of monsters (including Reaping Viper) but you have to hurry up because the time that you can spend in there is limited! (it all depends on which level your Master Skill is)


    When timer will drop to 0 you will be teleported back into the map you started in, and your MS will drop to 0%.

    Does that answer your query?

  4. Piraten1968

    Piraten1968 Forum Greenhorn

    I am very happy for the answers. Thanks :)
  5. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    As the OP is happy with the answer this thread will be closed.


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