Recruiting players from 74/ server

Discussion in 'Guilds' started by ᏕȊƝ⚡️ƁᎪᎠ, Jul 3, 2017.

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  1. ᏕȊƝ⚡️ƁᎪᎠ

    ᏕȊƝ⚡️ƁᎪᎠ Junior Expert

    Hi, im sinbad, most people know me in server 74/ scandinavian server.

    i made i new guild/clan for players that are from this server..

    so feel free to apply.. requerment: speak/write Danish, norwegian, swedish, and/or english..

    search for 74, thats our tag name 74/
  2. Sof_(R)

    Sof_(R) Forum Greenhorn

    Good luck!
    We allready have a scandi guild
  3. ᏕȊƝ⚡️ƁᎪᎠ

    ᏕȊƝ⚡️ƁᎪᎠ Junior Expert

    we have many, but there is spanish players in them..
  4. .Bjergvang

    .Bjergvang Forum Greenhorn

    I don really see your point
  5. Dosguru1

    Dosguru1 Forum Apprentice

    hej svesker går det godt
  6. ᏕȊƝ⚡️ƁᎪᎠ

    ᏕȊƝ⚡️ƁᎪᎠ Junior Expert

    my point.. will be no spanish players in this guild.. pure scandi
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2017
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  7. Bootstrap

    Bootstrap Forum Greenhorn

    good luck to you and your guild..
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  8. ᏕȊƝ⚡️ƁᎪᎠ

    ᏕȊƝ⚡️ƁᎪᎠ Junior Expert

    guild is closed. so this tread can be closed.. thx
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