Reduce rank points for people hit with bot debuff.

Discussion in 'Idea Pool & Suggestions' started by -Wc-, Aug 24, 2021.

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  1. -Wc-

    -Wc- Forum Apprentice

    Please PERMANENTLY reduce the ranking points for the players that have been hit with the bot debuff.
    For example like this.

    D = 10 - 1 for each time hit with bot debuff

    So ranking calculation would be A x B x C x D.
  2. It should remove ep and elp from botting instead the diminishing return does nothing from 24/7 bot’s ep or elp, so use a bot suffer with your choosing to do so see lots crying about bot ranks that would really turn on the river of tears.
  3. People who are running bots continue to win all the monthly rewards, even rewards, rift buffs, raid map rewards....a few days of a debuff or loosing some ranking points is not a determent. Since Seafight (and most online games) are pay to win...the people who choose to cheat are simply avoiding some payments. Players who choose NOT to cheat are, in effect, punished for following the rules...*Edit*
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  4. The simplest solution to the bot issue is for BP to give out bot codes for everyone and equalize the playing field. Then they could rename the game...I had some ideas....Botfight, Seabot...but I think using Asimovs' "I, robot" would be more apropos.
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  5. adelwin09

    adelwin09 Forum Greenhorn

    keep calm dude, i know problem for this game always about bot, no fun anymore because this war game pvp. but i know why bot exist because gap to build is so different between low lvl and high lvl, and ppl use bot to reduce the gap.
    but for fair play, solution is needed
  6. lude1962

    lude1962 Forum Great Master

    The real truth is most bots are high level because:-
    they pay 'turkish prices' for all the packages, and still have saved enough money compared to 'normal players' to buy a bot subscription. The reality is bots pay the wages, BP won't do anything major to stop them.
    A fair play solution is everyone on the same server pays the same price.
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  7. kekwkekw

    kekwkekw Someday Author

    None of above includes any kind of solution. It's very simple to know if a player use 3. party apps or not; check the account,
    cheating= delete that account, ip ban the user
    vpn usage= delete the account
    sold account=delete the account.
    Simple aye? Why they're not fixing any of the problems above is literally %70-90 percent of the users doing those kinda wanky things. Shared/sold accounts are worst imo and easiest to detect and punish. I can only imagine huh...
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  8. vpn usage= delete the account? Not all use VPN to start an account to say they are in lets say Turkey some use so as not to be seen on web I go onto web using a VPN I don't change my country flag USA for this game, it just hides my state but I very well could have if wanted to game the system but they should be able to see if from there country they are paying for anyway.
  9. kekwkekw

    kekwkekw Someday Author

    I understand that not every VPN user is on something funky but this is the only way to validate ip ban logic. And honestly those solutions i say is only hypothetical, i never expect to see those kinda brutal precautions from a company that allowed all kind of cheating all those years.

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