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Discussion in 'Official Forum Games' started by Seren, Mar 18, 2016.

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  1. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    Screenshot Contest Individual Entry

    Your goal will be to create a screenshot while sailing around on sea chart, but not a usual one. Your task is to send “Happy Birthday to Seafight” in form of a screenshot. This could be a formation of ships or shooting with confetti ammunition or whatever. Maybe you could use the new action item for this. Your creativity is in demand. Feel free to give free rein to your creativity and provide a us a breathtaking screenshot!

    Small hint: The new action item “The Staff of the Jester” could be maybe useful for this.

    There are some rules you need to stick to:

    • Please be sure to insert the image directly into your answer – links/url’s don’t count.
    • Always write your User ID and server into your answer
    • Photoshop edited screenshots will be not taken into consideration!

    This will close on Sunday the 27th of March, 23:00 hours (LST).

    All images will be uploaded in time for the end of the Contest, so if yours does not show do not worry, then entry is still accepted.
  2. SinkYah

    SinkYah Junior Expert

    10 Years in Seafight , Happy Birthday .

    Server Usa 1

    User ID:40/42024717
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    -MAREDDRAGO94- Forum Greenhorn

    Happy birthday Seafight :)
    Server usa 1
    User ID : 40/24081396
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  4. ☆*~Jackyourgolds~*☆

    ☆*~Jackyourgolds~*☆ Forum Apprentice

    Happy Birthday to Seafight and Every Pirate areoun the 7seas :)

    ツHαρρу.10 User ID: 146/24342541
    ƉФĞЦŞ*[AĞA] User ID: 146/41776794
    Usa 2 West Coast
    PS: If u can delete my first post would be great Searen :p
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  5. justdie

    justdie Advanced

    Happy Birthday Seafight ,oh Time R.I.P.

    User ID:40/42037058

    Server:Us1 (east)
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  6. Black-Belt

    Black-Belt Someday Author


    Happy Birthday Seafight 40/40743912
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  7. *painter*

    *painter* Junior Expert

    user id 40/33932579
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  8. .PаŢяĮ¢Ķ-şŢа®.

    .PаŢяĮ¢Ķ-şŢа®. Forum Apprentice


    User ID: 39/29263550

    Server: englad 1

    happy Birthday Seafight #10
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  9. *KRUCHY*

    *KRUCHY* Forum Duke

    User ID: 39/2784463
    Server : UK1 ( gb1 )
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  10. *HMS*aZgaRd*

    *HMS*aZgaRd* Forum Apprentice

    Happy 10th Birthday Seafight !!!

    GA2 >634/39194120
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  11. Ammiraglio

    Ammiraglio Forum Ambassador

    Happy Birthday Seafight!


    Nickname: ⋆Aммıяαɢʟıo⋆
    ID Utente: 42/12593986

    Server: Italy 1​
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  12. FruitNinja

    FruitNinja Forum Greenhorn


    ID: 39/34192833
  13. jhacky

    jhacky Forum Apprentice


    User-ID: 166/34604121
    Global Europe 2
  14. G-dude

    G-dude Regular


    Happy 10th Birthday Seafight! Can you spot all three of the 10's?
    UserID: 40/9671734
    US East

    *Remove above post. I removed the embedded hyperlink.
  15. Semagt

    Semagt Forum Greenhorn


  16. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    The winners have been decided and here are the lucky 3 chosen.

    Individual Winners.

    1st: 39/2784463
    2nd: 166/34604121
    3rd: 40/9671734

    The rewards will be :

    1. Advent Warship Design + Seafight Coin
    2. 14 Days Queens Legacy + Seafight Coin
    3. 7 Days Queens Legacy + Seafight Coin

    Please be advised that if you were one of these lucky pirates, please contact the support team with you personal address so that the seafight coin can be issued. Place Screen shot competition winner as the subject line.

    Congratulations to our winners and I would like to take you all for taking part.
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