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Discussion in 'Idea Pool & Suggestions' started by DanceCZ, Mar 14, 2019.

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  1. DanceCZ

    DanceCZ Forum Apprentice

    There are only 3 resolution for the seachart viewsize. 800x600 might have been good back in 2008 but definitely not large enough now. The problem with maximum is that all the items, status, hp etc will be on the sea and gets in the way especially when fighting on the borders. I would like to suggest a larger sea display resolution option or better an adjustable sea display so that we can adjust depending on our monitors.
    I am pretty sure this is an easy fix which the devs can quickly apply.

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    It's an interesting idea. Would you mind elaborating a little on larger resolution and a more adjustable display. I really like your idea but I think we'd like to know a little more about what you mean by adjustable.

  3. lude1962

    lude1962 Regular

    set to maximum
    use browser zoom +/- to set status icons etc to required size
    use seachart zoom slider to set seachart to required size
  4. DanceCZ

    DanceCZ Forum Apprentice

    What I mean was the maximum viewport size is 800x600 (I dont like fullscreen option because I do not want anything on the sea). If we can drag the size of the viewport to the size we want it would be great.


    On another note, what lude1962 suggested is a good walkaround. Now I set the viewport size to 800x600 and increase bowser zoom to get the size I want.
  5. lude1962

    lude1962 Regular

    I see what you mean now, a dynamic resizing of the seachart may be clunky due to the way flash works.
    A custom setting under viewport size may be a more workable solution.
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  6. Bawdyn

    Bawdyn Forum Commissioner

    I like the dynamic option too but for the opposite reason. My netbook has less resolution than my desktop so the option to slide the sea smaller to fit there would make it easier to also play on the netbook.

    If/when they replace Flash with a more current solution it will make these sort of changes easier.

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    All good suggestions. Thank you for expounding on the original idea.


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