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  1. well done on the video but still can not see the ships so good zoom in we like to see the ships more
  2. lude1962

    lude1962 Exceptional Talent

    How does he get the seachart to scroll he doesn't appear to click anything?
    And you have to slow it down to about .5 speed to see anything.
    Supposed to be HD 1080p, so why is it so blurred?
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2022
  3. totaly agree with lude on this

    AIRTEC Active Author

    use WASD keys to scroll the screen ;) also this vid is not blurry for me ? great vid keep up the good work
  5. ŖΥOÜ~

    ŖΥOÜ~ Forum Apprentice

    wher is my ship lv 25 at
  6. airtec if you go youtube look at old videos you will see what me and lude are on about with the zoom of the video thankyou
  7. Hi, personally, I don't like playing with a zoom on. It gave us a better overview of the fight!


    In fact, I use WASD to move my screen while playing :)
    I take note for the speed, but in french server, we're used to speed up our video a little bit to avoid it to be annoying ;)

    And the full HD works well for me, maybe your connection?

    Thanks a lot, appreciated that! :p

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