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  1. _RATTY_.

    _RATTY_. Exceptional Talent

    Hi guys
    i hv a suggestion, maybe when season event finish you let the progression page open so players who did not open all tiers chests cos not enough keys they be able with time to acquire the keys needed to open em so we can get the rewards for the hard work during the 90 days.
    Keys are quite expensive and not all ov us have the meanings to get all that in one time ... thx and regards

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Just to be clear, you would like the redemption page left open after the season ends so that players can see all the tiers and all the prizes so that they can better manage next seasons purchases. Just and idea, wouldn't it be better to have a sneak peek at the up coming seasons redemption page as the prizes may change from one season to the next. I have no knowledge if it does or not but wouldn't you rather see the next season instead of the previous?

  3. WildFlower

    WildFlower Forum Apprentice


    While it is absolutely incredible music and lovely images I had to remove it due to the pop up adds in the video.
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  4. Nero.Nero

    Nero.Nero Forum Apprentice

    I Think he means that when after the season ends, the redemption page should be left open so that players who dont have a lot of money to spend on a videogame can safe up a litle bit longer to purchase some keys to open the season chests.

    In short, he wants to be able to buy keys of effort and open season chests after the event is closed.
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  5. _RATTY_.

    _RATTY_. Exceptional Talent

    HI Tex,
    I mean exactly wot Nero sed! Let the redemption page opened! Me for example I don't have 130 pounds to spend for 14 keys off effort in one buy but I'd like to buy... let say 3 keys every month so maybe in 3 months to open the tier chests I couldn't open cos not enough keys! I mean I complete 9 tiers but I only open 3 chests! I still want to open the 6 lefts but I can afford to do it very fast! Hope this give u better picture of what I mean! Ty

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    I got it. I can see how this would be very beneficial and could actual get a few more sales after each season. Thank you for explaining further and I will definitely pass this on for you.

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