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    Season System


    The Season allows you to complete a range of tasks throughout Seafight and get rewarded for the more you do!

    Earn Coins of Effort and exchange these for valuable prizes! Collect the rewards for five steps to be able to unlock a Tier Chest, with multiple tiers to complete!

    The Season can be found by going to the Miscellaneous icon on the Seachart then hovering over the Season icon. You will then have two sub-options; Season Achievements and Season Progression.


    Season Achievements:

    The Season Achievements window shows you all of the different tasks you can complete throughout the Season to gain some Coins of Effort.


    At the top of the window, you will see different tabs, these could be PvP, PvE, Rift, Event among possible others. Please note these may differ season to season.

    Clicking on a tab will display the tasks related to that tab, for example in the PvE tab you will find tasks relating to PvE, such as Collect Pearls, Kill NPC's, Kill Monsters, etc.

    There are four sections for each task:

    1. Objective - Shows what you need to do to gain progress for the task.
    2. Progress - Shows your current progress and the goal to receive the Reward.
    3. Reward - Shows what you will receive should you reach the goal.
    4. Level - Hovering your mouse over the Skull icon will show you the Level of the Objective. The higher the Level, the larger the goal and better the reward!

    Hovering your mouse over the Objective or Progress sections will show you slightly more detail on the objective.


    When you complete an objective you will receive a notification on the Seachart; clicking this will inform you of which objective you have progressed on.


    Once you have completed all the levels of the objective, the task will no longer be visible in your list.

    Season Progression:

    In this window you are able to exchange your Coins of Effort for stage rewards, and any Keys of Effort you have gained for Tier Chest rewards.


    One of the most important sections of this window is the individual stage, as shown in the picture below this also has four areas:
    1. Stage Number - This is just an identifier to show you what stage you are on for this Tier.
    2. Cost - This shows the required amount of Coins of Effort you need to be able to unlock these rewards.
    3. Rewards - The items shown in this section are the rewards you will receive should you unlock this stage.
    4. Tier Rewards - The items or random items (question mark icons) will be added to the Tier Rewards, which shall be explained further on.

    Once you have enough Coins of Effort to unlock the stage, simply click on it to be rewarded.

    Above the stages you have the Tier Chest. The Tier Chest initially starts with zero rewards within it.


    As you progress through the stages you will unlock Tier Rewards which will be added to the Tier Chest.

    In the following image you can see we have completed Stage 1 and the random reward has become 77 x Advanced Frames located within the Tier Chest.


    To unlock a Tier Chest you need to finish all stages of the tier, and have the required amount of Keys of Effort. Hovering your mouse over the Tier Chest will inform you of the exact requirements.


    Once you have met all the requirements to unlock the Tier Chest the icon will begin to glow. Clicking the icon will then unlock the Tier Chest.


    There are multiple Tiers and Tier Chests; you can navigate between these using the Previous and Next buttons at the bottom of the screen.


    Note: You may not be able to earn as many Keys of Effort as is needed to open all Tier Chests, so you may want to wait and only unlock the Tier Chests you would like the rewards from.

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