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Discussion in 'Help' started by Bryanj47, May 20, 2020.

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  1. Bryanj47

    Bryanj47 Forum Apprentice

    I figured out how to translate the page into English ( I hope). Now the problem is, I think that server is not working. I think that server has been replaced. The map page gets to 46% and it will time out trying to connect to the server. How do i get my ship from that server to another server? The server I am trying to connect to is USA East Coast. My ship is level 11. Can my ship be carried over to another server?
  2. ~turnip~

    ~turnip~ Old Hand

    heya. for a start, the language of the server is whatever country it is designed for. e.g. if you're on the uk server then the language would be english. if you're on the scandinavian server, you can have either swedish, danish, finnish or norwegian. a useful way to pick the language you want is on the login page, where the flag symbol is next to the details boxes, there is a drop down menu. hover over the flag to access it and you can choose which country you are from. if the server you're on has that language then it will automatically translate for you. If not, it will provide the game in the set language for that server. sometimes it can still be translated, I've personally been able to do it from my phone but not on my pc, weird I know, but this is not a guaranteed method.

    as for the 46% problem. if it's timing out connecting to the server then there might have been a restart at the time you tried to log on and may need a few minutes or a few refreshes to work. if it doesn't work still, you can try and clear cache and cookies in your web browser.
    However, unfortunately, the US servers having been causing people problems for a while now, even log in problems. in my observations of posts in the technical questions part of the forum, I can see that in the past month, the problems have usually occured at peak times for the server because of the amount of people that are online at any given time. I've also seen it in the past on the test server where more people are online than the server can deal with and it simply won't log you in as a measure to cope with the numbers. This is all a known issue and bigpoint are working on it, it's not an immediate fix unfortunately.

    As for transferring your ship to another server. the closest this became possible was when they merged the servers several years ago. people had accounts in other servers and when they were merged this meant they had 2 accounts for the same megaserver but the respective accounts remained on their own independant server. to the present day, it is not currently possible to transfer an account from 1 independant server to another. in your example, if you wanted to connect to the USA east coast server, unfortunately you would have to create an account on that server and build it up from scratch again.

    Hopefully this provides a good enough explanation to your questions, I'm sorry that it isn't what you wanted to hear but it's unfortunately what is happening. Have a good week regardless :)

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    There is no way to transfer to another server. Sorry but try clearing your cache and cookies and restarting your browser. That may clear up whatever is hanging you up from logging in.


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