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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seren, Dec 6, 2019.

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  1. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    Server Merges!!

    Ahoy Pirates,

    There have been rumors about a server merge about Years and we have been asked for it very often.

    We haven´t planned to merge any server yet but since we´ve been asked that often we want to know what you think about a server merge.

    We think, and once again nothing has been decided yet, about following:

    • Europe 1:
      • Global 1 14
      • Global 2 166
      • Global 3 281
      • Global 4 504
      • Global 5 631
      • International 11 1216
    • Europe 2:
      • Germany 3 283
      • Germany 4 605
      • Germany 1 38
      • Germany 2 148
      • Poland 1 58
      • Poland 2 486
      • Netherlands 284
      • England 39
    • Europe 3:
      • Turkey 1 65
      • Turkey 2 149
      • Turkey 3 181
      • Russia 1 66
      • Russia 2 630
      • Italy 1 42
      • Italy 2 375
    • Europe 4:
      • Spain 1 59
      • Spain 2 282
      • France 1 41
      • France 2 147
      • France 3 370
      • Skandinavia 74

    Please be aware we can´t merge US with European servers and PvE with PvP the US servers and PvE servers won´t be merged. We also can´t change PvP servers to PvE (or PvE in PvP).

    What do you think about another server merge?
    How would you merge the servers?
    What do you feel about our suggestion of Merges?

    Please leave your opinions and comments below. Please abide by our forum rules when stating your thoughts.

    Your Seafight Team
  2. HITMEN36.

    HITMEN36. Someday Author

    neah ....after more laaaag Edit . i say neah is still hard to play whit this laaaaaaaaaag !!! try to not bann me on forum this time i really appreciate that !!
    Last edited by moderator: Dec 8, 2019
  3. ==Beagle==

    ==Beagle== Forum Greenhorn

    First make sure that the game runs properly and after that think about new things
    More ships is more lag, so first lose that lag
  4. Rabbid

    Rabbid Forum Pro

    Yes please, been waiting forever for this. The sea is so empty, lonely and no BP to made! :)

    E: Please make this seafight again and not seafarm cause no enemy to sink! :D
  5. .Madeliefje.

    .Madeliefje. Forum Greenhorn

    No server merge
  6. Mistique

    Mistique Forum Greenhorn

    NO merge
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  7. Kosova***

    Kosova*** Forum Inhabitant

    Which server do you play?
  8. AbiGaiiReQuiem

    AbiGaiiReQuiem Forum Greenhorn


    Maybe you guys should be working on the constant lagg on the servers... it's kinda ridiculous after so long. Where is our blackfriday money being used for? :p
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  9. Yabusame

    Yabusame Forum Greenhorn

    player on server 284
    What do you think about another server merge?
    Sounds to good to be true.
    How would you merge the servers?
    Why not merge servers with countries that actually are able to communicate with eachother.
    I wouldn't put poland 1 and 2 with our german, english and dutch servers.
    It's already annoying enough only being able to whisper to other servers, but making worse language barriers no thank you.
    What do you feel about our suggestion of Merges?
    A good start, but before you put more servers together why not tackle one of the most suggested problem(lag). That will only get worse with more packed seacharts.
    just my first thoughts.
  10. [Anonymous]

    [Anonymous] Forum Greenhorn

    First make the game run as it should.

    Maybe u could think about making smaller "mega-servers" to make sure the game runs smoothly, and players can get their shots at events etc. While ofcourse at the same time they can enjoy playing with some more players. After that there is space for new things.

    Thanks for asking our opinion ;)
  11. Jumbo76

    Jumbo76 Someday Author

    It would really suck to deprive those on dead servers a server merge, so do the following:

    1) Fix the lagg
    2) Merge the servers and make sure servers are stable and lagg free
    3) Everyone gets to enjoy good PvP again and dead seas will be a thing of the past

  12. Tarzanascus

    Tarzanascus Forum Greenhorn

    I agree with the multiple statements above: I think a server merge again could be a good idea, however currently on MS1 [I do not know about other servers] every time we have an event with a big ship where many people come or a reasonably big war everything starts being laggy to the point it is simply unplayable.
    Before all servers are stable at any point in time, a server merge is just a horrible idea
  13. Rabbid

    Rabbid Forum Pro

    One of my ships is on 1216, and that server is so empty.

    If we aren't going to have mega servers it would be nice to merge empty ones with at least 1 other active server. It's a shame some servers are so empty.

    Fix the lagg first ofcourse. ;)
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  14. richelieu67

    richelieu67 Forum Greenhorn

    sure 4 germans in europe 2 useless all over again kick 1 or 2 germans out and set Skandinavia in europe 2.

    if it goes like this there will be 2000 germans 400 polish players 250 english en 100 dutch
    last merge we had a choice and on the last day BP went there own way and put 2 german servers with a dutch server
    800 germans against 100 dutch players that was a blast, and them BP finds it strange that people quit..
    think before they act otherwise more people quit
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  15. peteraasdal1

    peteraasdal1 Forum Apprentice

    no merge
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  16. Jumbo76

    Jumbo76 Someday Author

    Take these things in to consideration when making a decision BP.

    • Players on active servers don't care if there is a merge so they will say no
    • Players on dead servers will want a merge because their ships are basically useless
    What you need to do when taking feedback is listen to those on the dead servers, don't leave them hanging because those on active servers are a bit spoiled and don't want to add more players to compete with. The lagg is also a massive issue, you must fix it.
  17. _HUNTER_

    _HUNTER_ Someday Author

    server need merge we have only 10 fighters-others farmers-new server coming hard farmering;p cry farmers cry
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  18. Kosova***

    Kosova*** Forum Inhabitant

    And the players on dead servers are full with ammo and pearls so how you will combine them? Yes you can make like this for example pay 50million of pearls if you want to join new server not only like go and join.
  19. Kosova***

    Kosova*** Forum Inhabitant

    I'm for not to merge the servers, ppl which have chosen other servers it's just because it's less work and time to spend and make a big ship. You were on Global 1 Europa so why you have changed the server?????
  20. Xenoverse

    Xenoverse Padavan

    Totally agree w/ a merge, 1216 is almost empty, we need that straight away :)
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