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    When starting Seafight, there are multiple different servers you can choose to play on. If you so choose, you can play on every server, or just focus on one.

    Playing on a Global Server gives you the ability to change the language of the game. Playing on a local server however means that you play in the native language of that server. The England Server would be in English and could not be changed, however playing on Global Europe 1 you could play in English then switch to another language if you so wish.

    Note: You are unable to transfer your boat from one server to another, so please think carefully when you are enhancing your boat.

    Mega Servers:

    Seafight has undergone some Server Merges! That means that although you choose one server, it may also be linked to other servers. You can see a list of the Mega Servers below.

    Mega Server 1 = Global Europe 1 (14) Global Europe 2 (166)
    Mega Server 2 = Germany 1 (38) Germany 2 (148) Netherlands 1 (284)
    Mega Server 3 = Spain 1 (59) Spain 2 (282) Scandinavia 1 (74)
    Mega Server 4 = Turkey 1 (65) Turkey 2 (149) Turkey 3 (181)
    Mega Server 5 = Global Europe 3 (281) Global Europe 4 (504) Global Europe 5 (631)
    Mega Server 6 = Germany 3 (283) Germany 4 (605) England 1 (39)
    Mega Server 7 = Italy 1 (42) Italy 2 (375) Russia 1 (66) Russia 2 (630)
    Mega Server 8 = Poland 1 (58) Poland 2 (486)
    Mega Server 9 = France 1 (41) France 2 (147) France 3 (370)
    Mega Server 10 = USA East (40) Global America 1 (85) Global America 2 (634) USA West (146) Global Asia (329) Latin America 1 (206) Latin America 2 (205)
    International Server 11 = Global Europe 6 (1216)
    International Server 12 [PvE] = Global Europe 7 (1351)
    International Server 13 [PvE] = Global America 3 (1353)

    You will be able to see and if you choose sink players from other servers that are on the same Mega Server as you. All aspects of the SeaChart, such as the spy, event rankings and guilds among others include all servers on your Mega Server.

    The homepage (back page) however is independent. That means that the Hall of Fame Rankings and the Market Cove bids for example only include the players on your Server, not the Mega Server.

    While playing on these servers, the same language chats are merged together. For example, the English chat on Global Europe 1 and Global Europe 2 are the same chat room. Other language chats however shall have their own chat room. You can however whisper someone in another language chat by using the whisper command and placing their server ID before their name, for example, 39/Username

    Changing Server:

    When you first log into the game your boat will be placed on the recommended server or the last server you logged into.

    To change your server, you must first go to the server selection menu, which you can find to the top right of the homepage as shown below:


    After pressing the "Server Menu" button, the Server Selection Menu shall show. Your previously played servers are in yellow, recommended servers in green, and servers you have not yet played in a grey.


    You can also change the region. At the top of the server list are multiple regions, in the image shown below these are Europe, Eastern Europe and America. Simply clicking one of these will change server list to show servers in that region.


    After you have found the server you would like to play, simply click "Login" if you have previously been on that server, or Play if you are starting it for the first time.

    PvE Servers:

    The main feature of the PvE Servers are that they allow the user to choose when they will want to engage in PvP combat and when they would rather fight the baddest monsters and NPCs throughout Nautica!

    The PvE server gives all captains protection from other players, with an option to engage in PvP combat if, and only if, both players have agreed.

    As soon as you login, you have a PvE protection that works like the well-known pirate protection. This means, the normal state is that you cannot be attacked by other players and are protected while doing PvE activities such as fighting against sea monsters, collecting stuff on the sea and doing PvE quests. Each and every player can decide on your own, if you want to deactivate the PvE protection. If a player is playing in PvE or in PvP mode, this will be shown with a special icon that flags the player ship.


    Only players that are in PvP mode can be attacked. This means that all harmful activities will not affect players that are playing in PvE mode.

    If you decide to switch to PvP mode, you click the PvP action item icon (it as a cooldown of 10 seconds). Then your player flag switches to PvP mode which lasts for 10 minutes. If you want to switch back, you have to wait until the 10 minutes are over or you just do a logout. With another login, you will be in PvE mode again.


    You can see whether you are in PvE or PvP mode by viewing the Icon in the Information Icon Bar.

    Servers6.png - PvE Mode

    Servers7.png - PvP Mode
    Besides that, also each aggressive activity that you start by yourself will switch you into PvP mode, such as:
    • Attacking another player
    • Using any action item on players that are PvP flagged
    • Buffing and healing another player who is PvP flagged (healing a player who is in PvE mode will not remove those player’s PvE mode!)
    • Attack Fleet NPCs
    • Attack Towers & Guild towers
    • Move to arena maps or raid maps (as soon as you leave an arena map or a raid map, you will switch back to PvE mode)

    Items that do not work on PvE players while the user is PvE:

    • Skyfires
    • Dragonfires
    • Dragonfires Level 2
    • Lionsfires
    • Elmo's Fire
    • Voodoo Bomb
    • Contact Mines

    Items that can be used on PvE players while the user is PvE, but will switch the user to PvP:

    • Smokebomb
    • Staff of the Jester
    • Staff of the Trickster
    • Surgeon's Visage
    • Brothers in Arms

    Items that can be used on PvE players while the user is PvE, and will not switch the user to PvP:

    • Asklepios' Talent
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