Sharkfang Bay

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  1. Seren

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    Sharkfang Bay

    Sharkfang Bay is a map where you can find various Quest Givers, and on rare occasions some NPC's to shoot!

    Note: No other players will be able to join you in Sharkfang Bay, each player enters into their own version of this map.


    How to enter Sharkfang Bay:

    To get into Sharkfang Bay you need to have an Action Item called the "Vovoi Map Book". This item can be gained from completing the Quest "A New Course" in the Vovoi Quest Line.

    Note: You must complete all previous Vovoi Quest Lines and Quests before being able to attempt "A New Course".

    Once you have completed that Quest, you will find the Vovoi Map Book in your action items under the "Activate items" category (the blue stars icon).

    vovoi map book.png

    Pressing on the Vovoi Map Book will then start a countdown for you to enter the map. During this time you are unable to move, attack, or be damaged else the countdown shall stop.

    Once the timer has ended you will be teleported into Sharkfang Bay!

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