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    Ship Extensions

    The ship extensions represent a feature which is interesting for the strategists among our players. The following will explain the functionality of these ship extensions, in detail.

    The different ship extensions require different amounts of slots.

    Note: the number of slots that an extension requires does not change as the level of the extension upgrades.

    We have 2 different types of values regarding how the extensions work:
    The absolute values: When 2 extensions are equipped together, the values are added.

    The relative values (when using extensions that have similar benefits): These values are added, and an average value will be calculated. Important: The value that is displayed in the overview shows the optimum value. This is the one that can be reached if you are either equipping only one extension, or extensions of the same type.

    The relative values (when using extensions that have different benefits): These values are calculated from the combination of different extensions. E.g., if you equip an extension with a certain relative value, and combine it with another extension that does not contain the same buff, the original value is reduced due to the calculation of averages.

    Absolute values

    To calculate the absolute value, we take the following items as an example:
    - 1x „Reinforced Rib“ Level 0
    - 5x „Ensorcelled Stanchion“ Level 0

    We now equip 6 extensions: One „Reinforced Ribs“ Level 0 which has a Voodoo point buff of 14.000 and 5 „Ensorcelled Stanchion“ Level 0 which have a Voodoo point buff of 1.200. The calculation is the following:
    5x 1.200 VP = 6.000 VP (Ensorcelled Stanchion)
    1x 14.000 VP = 14.000 VP (Reinforced Ribs)
    ð 6.000 + 14.000 = 20.000
    Because of this buff having an absolute value, the final buff counts 20.000 VP.

    Relative values

    We take the same example like above:
    - 1x "Reinforced Rib“ Level 0
    - 5x "Ensorcelled Stanchion“ Level 0
    Again, 6 extensions are equipped. The Damage prevention buff represents an average value. All the values of this buff will be counted together, and an average value will be calculated:
    - The "Reinforced Rib“ has a Damage prevention buff of 10%.
    - The 5 "Ensorcelled Stanchions“ don’t have a value for this buff.
    The fact that the extensions without that buff – "Ensorcelled Stanchions“ equipped together with the "Reinforced Ribs“, has an impact on the value:
    10% Damage prevention : 6 extensions = 10/6 % Damage prevention (or: 1,666666666666667 % Damage prevention buff)
    The average value of the buff is therefore calculated based on the amount of extensions that are equipped.

    Some tips & tricks concerning the average value:

    - On the one hand, it is useful to reduce the variety of different extensions, because the average value will be reduced.
    - On the other hand, extensions that are using more slots are more beneficial than those which are only taking one slot. The ones with only one slot can be equipped more often, and therefore reduce the average value, accordingly.

    The strategy of this feature consists in choosing extensions wisely, when combining them.

    There’s also the possibility to level up one extension to the highest level, to reach the best value. When combining it with other extensions, the former best value will decrease. The values of the extensions with less slots, and lower level, are impacting the calculation of average values.

    Wooden Beams


    Needs 1 structure (expansion) slots
    + 400 Hitpoints (absolute)

    Hardwood Beams


    Needs 1 structure (expansion) slots
    + 1200 Hitpoints (absolute)



    Needs 25 structure (expansion) slots
    Level 0:
    + 5% Boarding Damage (average)
    + 50 Crew slots (absolute)
    Level 1:
    + 7.5% Boarding Damage (average)
    + 60 Crew slots (absolute)
    Level 2:
    + 10% Boarding Damage (average)
    + 70 Crew slots (absolute)
    Level 3:
    + 12.5% Boarding Damage (average)
    + 80 Crew slots (absolute)
    Level 4:
    + 15% Boarding Damage (average)
    + 90 Crew slots (absolute)

    Life Preserver


    Needs 2 structure (expansion) slots
    Level 0:
    + 25% Heal action item bonus (average)
    + 10% Active healing bonus (average)
    + 1% Maximum healing value (absolute)
    Level 1:
    + 30% Heal action item bonus (average)
    + 15% Active healing bonus (average)
    + 2% Maximum healing value (absolute)
    Level 2:
    + 35% Heal action item bonus (average)
    + 20% Active healing bonus (average)
    + 3% Maximum healing value (absolute)
    Level 3:
    + 40% Heal action item bonus (average)
    + 25% Active healing bonus (average)
    + 4% Maximum healing value (absolute)
    Level 4:
    + 45% Heal action item bonus (average)
    + 30% Active healing bonus (average)
    + 5% Maximum healing value (absolute)

    Reinforced Ribs


    Needs 25 structure (expansion) slots
    Level 0:
    + 14.000 Voodoo points (absolute)
    + 14.000 Hit points (absolute)
    + 10% Damage prevention (average)
    Level 1:
    + 15.000 Voodoo points (absolute)
    + 15.000 Hit points (absolute)
    + 12% Damage prevention (average)
    Level 2:
    + 16.000 Voodoo points (absolute)
    + 16.000 Hit points (absolute)
    + 14% Damage prevention (average)
    Level 3:
    + 17.000 Voodoo points (absolute)
    + 17.000 Hit points (absolute)
    + 16% Damage prevention (average)
    Level 4:
    + 18.000 Voodoo points (absolute)
    + 18.000 Hit points (absolute)
    + 17% Damage prevention (average)

    Ensorcelled Stanchion


    Needs 1 structure (expansion) slot
    Level 0:
    +1.200 Voodoo points (absolute)
    Level 1:
    +1.300 Voodoo points (absolute)
    Level 2:
    +1.400 Voodoo points (absolute)
    Level 3:
    +1.500 Voodoo points (absolute)
    Level 4:

    +1.600 Voodoo points (absolute)

    Storm Lantern


    Needs 10 structure (expansion) slots
    Level 0:
    +2,5% Critical hit damage (absolute)
    +10% Cannon damage (average)
    - 10% Damage prevention (absolute)
    Level 1:
    +3% Critical hit damage (absolute)
    +12% Cannon damage (average)
    - 9% Damage prevention (absolute)
    Level 2:
    +3.5% Critical hit damage (absolute)
    +14% Cannon damage (average)
    - 8% Damage prevention (absolute)
    Level 3:
    +4% Critical hit damage (absolute)
    +16% Cannon damage (average)
    - 7% Damage prevention (absolute)
    Level 4:
    +4.5% Critical hit damage (absolute)
    +18% Cannon damage (average)
    - 6% Damage prevention (absolute)

    Steeled Chains


    Needs 5 structure (expansion) slots
    Level 0:
    +25% Harpoon damage (average)
    +1 Harpoon range (average)
    Level 1:
    +30% Harpoon damage (average)
    +2 Harpoon range (average)
    Level 2:
    +35% Harpoon damage (average)
    +3 Harpoon range (average)
    Level 3:
    +40% Harpoon damage (average)
    +4 Harpoon range (average)
    Level 4:
    +45% Harpoon damage (average)
    +5 Harpoon range (average)
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