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    Hail, Captains! We have some great news, improving your ocean adventures! Now all the in-game shops, like Black Market, Merchant and more, are in the client and you can pay there too! With recommendations to suit your playing style.

    An all-round improvement to your in-game shopping experience!

    Note: There are also some other items planned like ship designs, pets as well as payment packages but these won’t be in the first iteration of the shop.

    Opening the Shop

    The Shop can be found on your Seachart! At the top-middle of the screen there is a big orange button with the picture of a cart on it, clicking this will open the Shop.


    Features Page

    Want to see what the current sales are in Seafight? Well, the Features page will show you! In the top left of the window, you will see a slideshow consisting of all the currently active sales and deals!

    In the bottom left of the Features window, you will see your most recent purchases. Bought some ammunition but running low; don't fret, you can quickly and easily purchase some more here!

    Finally, on the right hand side you will see recommended packages and items for your boat. These are determined on your play style, common purchases and helpful upgrades.


    Items Page

    All items and packages on offer are shown on this tab. With helpful, "Other offers" flags to help you find the best deals for the items you want.

    Use the filter option or search input to find the item you seek and click on an item to view it in detail.

    You can filter the items and packages on this page by a range of different options, including; currency, in-game currency, on sale, only available for a limited time, and item category!

    To make things easier, you can also sort the items by popularity, price or name.


    Pet and Ships Page

    See all the Ship Designs and Pets that are available in the shop, and you don't own, in this tab. With helpful, "Other offers" flags to help you find the best deals for the items you want.

    Click on a design or a pet to open the detailed view showing the description. You also have the ability to see the pre-socketed gems shown below the image. Hover over a gem to see the named effect.


    As with the Items section, you have the ability to both filter and sort the content in this section by a range of options.


    Searching for a Package

    Looking for a specific item? Fear not. With the search bar, simply type all or part of the name of any item you are looking for in the bar and press the enter button. All of the packages which contain that item shall be displayed to you in the window below.


    Viewing more details of a Package

    Once you have found a package you may be interested in, hovering your mouse over the image will show you the contents of the entire package.


    Clicking the image, will bring up a new window which will show the name, stock, description and contents of the package.

    If their are multiple amounts or prices for this item or package, then you will be able to see these at the bottom of the window, for example, 2, 30 or 100 Bokor Crate's along with the prices for each.


    Adding a Package to the Cart

    There are multiple ways in which you can add items and packages to the Cart, we will cover the two main examples. It is possible to add some items to the Cart on other screens, however, it will be in the same style as below.

    Firstly, below the item or package, there is a number in a box, with a plus, minus and a cart symbol.

    Clicking the plus symbol increases the number in the box, with the minus lowering the number in the box. Alternatively, you can simply type the number in the box should you wish.

    Pressing the Cart symbol will add that package to the Cart, the amount of these that are added depends on the number in the box. As an example, if you had 5 in the box then 5 of these packages would be added to the Cart.

    You will notice that some items and packages will have two arrows either side of the name and cost, pressing these will switch to a related pack with a different amount and price.

    Note: The cost and the package amount is multiplied by the amount you are adding to the cart.


    Secondly, we have the item/package details page where we can add them to the cart.

    Here you can see the multiple different package amounts and prices that are available. As we did before, we can change the number in the box by typing or using the plus and minus signs, meaning we will add the package to the cart that many times.

    Once this has been done you can press the "Add to cart" button.

    Alternatively, you can use the "Fast Pay" option if it is an in-game currency, or if you are using a payment method that supports Fast Pay.



    See everything you're planning to purchase in the shopping cart, on this tab.

    To get to the cart, simply click on the cart icon towards the top right of the window.


    In this window you can see all items and packages that you currently have in your Cart, along with the option to change the quantity or remove them from the Cart. On the right-hand side you can see the total cost of all items in your cart along with the bill.

    If your payment is in your local currency only, you will be taken straight to the payment. As long as pop-ups are allowed on this screen.

    If your payment is in mixed currency (in-game and local currency) you will be taken to the in-game purchases screen first and then, once confirmed, straight to payment. As long as pop-ups are allowed on this screen.

    If you use a payment method that supports "Fast Pay" like PayPal or Credit Card you can skip this step next time and buy with just one click.

    After you click Fast Pay a message box will show listing the items you will be purchasing, you will have the chance to decline or accept the payment, however after 30 seconds it will be automatically accepted.



    The account button is the very first blue button in the top-left of the Shop Window, with the icon of a person. This can be seen on any page throughout the Shop.


    Once clicked, you will be presented with four further options; History, Voucher, Subscription Overview and Payment Data.




    Check out the items you have already purchased in the History tab, amount, date and price included.

    If the items are still available and you have sufficient currency you can add them to the shopping cart again.

    If you have chosen a payment method that takes some time, items will not be booked here until we have received the payment. However, the item is shown as pending in the mean time.




    On this page you can add a voucher code.

    It is not case sensitive, and needs to be between 4 and 16 characters long. Voucher codes can be gained in various ways, such as newsletters, Seafight Facebook, Seafight Twitter, and the forum.




    As the name suggests, this window shows the users current subscriptions.

    A active subscription prolongs itself automatically, giving you the freedom to care about other things.

    You have to use a payment method that supports subscriptions such as PayPal or Credit Card.

    When you cancel a subscription you will benefit form the remaining runtime, but it will not automatically be prolonged.

    Payment Data


    If you changed your bank data or just want to switch the payment method you can delete your payment data here.

    The transaction history will not be lost by that.

    Contact Support

    Pressing the email icon which is visible on every page throughout the Shop will open a new tab in your browser to the Support Form. This allows the user to contact Support about any issue you may be having.



    Pressing the phone icon in the top-left of the Shop will open up a popup window that will show you all purchase that can be made with your phone. This icon is also found on every page throughout the Shop.


    An example of the packages available can be seen below:


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