skill reset tokens

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  1. as or right now there is no way for a player in the low levels to reset there skills as you cant obtain them by shooting anything in the lower maps maybe have it so they could obtain them by shooting a revenge or triumph or malevonent malestrom or something along those lines or the big ship in the raid of there level this w ay they have a way of doing this as it stand once you get to the lionheart chances are you dont need the reset tokens anymore i feel this will be useful to little players as there just starting and learning the game by time the get to the higher maps they pretty much have things figured out
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    Hey @∑§ŧђέя¢ΐŤẵ♥МåĭΔ♥ ,

    fully agree with you (-: would be great to have 5 or 10 reset tokens placed on Admiral Revenge or Behemot / Amaterasu for example

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