Slashing Blades

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    Slashing Blades

    The Slashing Blade Society WANTS YOU!!!

    Use this precious opportunity and become a limited member to the Slashing Blade society. Every member will benefit from the unique and priceless advantages that are bound to a membership.

    Join the Slashing Blades and grow fat in wealth and riches!

    There are a plethora of benefits of being a Slashing Blades member:

    • All Premium Features
      • As Slashing Blades is an enhanced version of Premium, you will receive all the benefits of Premium!
    • Payment Package Discount
      • As a member of the Slashing Blades you are eligible for a 10% discount on all payment packages.
    • Faster Safe Haven Jump Time
      • Members of the Slashing Blades do not have to be searched. Enter the Safe Haven as quickly as possible, 5 seconds faster than normal!
    • Crown Bonus
      • Slashing Blades know where to search for treasures - gain a 10% bonus on looted Crowns.
    • Reputation Bonus
      • As a member of the famous Slashing Blades you are well known. Gain a 100% reputation bonus!
    • Accept Additional Quests
      • Slashing Blades are real adventurers. You can have 1 more quest active at a time than any common pirate!
    • Gem Crafting Bonus
      • Members of the Slashing Blades know their jewels! Increasing your chance on skipping a level when cutting gems - 10x more likely than regular pirates!
    • Exclusive Black Market Items
      • As a member of the Slashing Blades you gain exclusive access to certain deals on the Blackmarket!

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