Some times you need to JustDie

Discussion in 'The Players' started by justdie, Mar 31, 2016.

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  1. justdie

    justdie Advanced

    Hi there, ɈʯᎦȾĐ¡Σ here Pirate since 2016-02-20 16:47:19.
    I'm mostly positive and i try to keep everyone around the same however i do get salty...some times,recently got my hands on this predator skin that im loving it,
    anyways i'm happy to be here with you guys.

    When i get away from/out run ppl xD

    And this is when you know some one is about to try stealing something

    This is my play list while i play
    Gl have fun guys

    Also let me know what u think about my signature ^ ^.
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  2. *KRUCHY*

    *KRUCHY* Forum Duke

    Hey ,

    nice to meet ya ;)
  3. justdie

    justdie Advanced

  4. Hm your in wicked's guild on the mega America server right? Nice to meet you
  5. Graverattack

    Graverattack Padavan

    yup, he is, he a good lad
  6. justdie

    justdie Advanced

    ^^ and nice vids u got there lol poor widow
  7. phaick

    phaick Forum Greenhorn

    Justdie, where are you getting all that gold to constantly buy out the good stuff in market cove - elite items? I see you all the time in the 1 maps. Come on… what’s your secret? At least give me a 7 digit chance. Great signature.
  8. Floating_Menace

    Floating_Menace Forum Apprentice

    7 digits wont win you much haha.
  9. justdie

    justdie Advanced

    its no secret and the reason i dont leave 1 maps is because its not smart when sool sinks me every 30 mins or so when i try to do sunmap

    i cap ppl post it in global lol ... seems like i got more attention than i thought i would get , like u i spy ppl winning bids teleport take them out.

    also im lvl 15 so no i cant collect shiny in the 1 map if ur implying what i think u are.
    also if u do find me dont spam group invites like those other grills so i cant shoot back .. oh wait i disabled it .. show how they still show up
  10. justdie

    justdie Advanced

    lol its funny how low i bid i get outbid all the time some ppl are just too salty my id is there mods can verify what im saying is true .
  11. phaick

    phaick Forum Greenhorn

    No justdie, I wasn’t implying that you were a robo-boat.
    Last edited: May 9, 2016
  12. justdie

    justdie Advanced

    all good m8 lol i talk too much some times .btw what are u called on the water

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