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Discussion in 'Users’ Corner' started by USS_Defender(CAG-01), Jan 2, 2020.

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  1. USS_Defender(CAG-01)

    USS_Defender(CAG-01) Exceptional Talent

    The Spy capability needs a Cool Down period, a 30 Second to 1 Minute would work well. At the present time there exists the ability to constantly Spy, and immediate transport to spied location. At one time the ability to spy and locate a player in transit was also observed. The cool down time would moderate the use of spying glitches and third party exploits.

    TEX~BULL User

    Very cool idea. Let hear from the community

  3. _RATTY_.

    _RATTY_. Exceptional Talent

    i think spy should stay as it is .. specially now with the season system where we hv to shoot lot pvp ...
  4. tigermoth1037

    tigermoth1037 Padavan

    I think the spy should stay as it is too
  5. jhacky

    jhacky Forum Apprentice

    Great idea! but the cooldown should apply just for the same player. That's a solution for the griefing psycho people bulling me over and over day and night.
  6. ¤Û§§¤§mØkéR¤

    ¤Û§§¤§mØkéR¤ Junior Expert

    Not a great idea if people want to spend tons of pearls to spy over and over its on them. The only reason the Voodoo Bomb is useful to break light is because you can spy constantly. If there was a cooldown on the spy the voodoo bomb would be useless. I believe the spy is good as it is. Or if you do stop the spy the light of Tortuga should then be reduced to 5 minutes.
  7. USS_Defender(CAG-01)

    USS_Defender(CAG-01) Exceptional Talent

    A reiteration of why the suggestion was made appears to be in order. There are some, not all, who seem to possess spying capabilities that are not consistent with the usage of Seafight supplied Spying capabilities. Regardless of how rapidly one spends pearls or what they use to break a light is not the reason for the suggestion. The ability to spy, locate, and immediately transport to the target is the concern, particularly when the target is in transit, be they under light or not. It has been noticed that this can and usually occurs when the spier is not on the same map as the spied. A cool down would moderate this practice since the target in all probability would not be in the initial spied location and additional spying and searching would be required. The latter being consistent with Seafight supplied capabilities,
  8. SDCDesigner

    SDCDesigner Someday Author

    This is a bad idea the spy should stay as it is.
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  9. ¤Û§§¤§mØkéR¤

    ¤Û§§¤§mØkéR¤ Junior Expert

    What you describe is impossible no one can directly teleport to a specified location, its all random chance where one lands. What you experience is probably a player spying you, then teleporting, activating and light and swift-stoning to your location while spying you to locate you as they move. If someone is able to teleport to a direct cord of their choosing it is in no way connected with the spy and is an issue of its own. Therefore, I believe the spy should remain as it is. No one else seems to experience the problem you describe.
  10. USS_Defender(CAG-01)

    USS_Defender(CAG-01) Exceptional Talent

    Last comment and I am out of here. The statements of denial do not mean it is not occurring, nor does the contorting of the actual functioning of the Seafight spying capability mean it is not.
  11. ¤Û§§¤§mØkéR¤

    ¤Û§§¤§mØkéR¤ Junior Expert

    Sounds like a bigger issue than the spy needing a cooldown. Your talking about people directly messing with the scripts.
  12. †亗Almirante_negro亗†

    †亗Almirante_negro亗† Forum Apprentice

    I severely disapprove of this idea. I think that the ability to spy to our hearts content is what makes this game so wonderful to fight in! Being able to teleport after spying is a wonderful thing as well. instant teleport you speak of is interesting.
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2020
  13. †亗Almirante_negro亗†

    †亗Almirante_negro亗† Forum Apprentice

    I was reminded of this forum post today :)
  14. ☠FIREBALL☠

    ☠FIREBALL☠ Junior Expert

    how do you spy when using id it says 1. account does not exist even though your logbook says otherwise 2. gives you five to ten accounts with same id / name.
  15. †亗Almirante_negro亗†

    †亗Almirante_negro亗† Forum Apprentice

    if youre lucky enough to catcxh their id on the water put it in undermateys to find the boat that was hitting you it will show you the ones on
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  16. ☠FIREBALL☠

    ☠FIREBALL☠ Junior Expert

    1. 2. is what you get from mateys
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