Test: Level 36 - 37

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  1. Seren

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    Test: Level 36 - 37

    The Dangers Ahead

    Start At: Fang Weisheng (SH-38/1)


    Visible Condition:
    Completed Daily Quest: Rinse And Repeat

    Completed Daily Quest: Rinse And Repeat

    Collect 5 Emperator's Orders
    Travel to 1 Coord in map 36/2
    Defeat 1 Dai'loon

    Where to find!?
    Emperator's Orders gained by completing Daily Quest: Rinse And Repeat
    Travel to the Coords listed in the Quest Ticker
    Dai'loon found at the location of the Coordinate

    End At:
    Fang Weisheng (SH-38/1)


    Level 37
    4,375,000 Experience Points
    1 Extra Weapon Slot

    You must be eager to continue your journey. Hu Suyin-Lin said she wished to see you and so I will send you to her, but first, a final challenge. Just to make sure you’re ready, for the dangers lying ahead. Find the mystical creature some here call Dai’Loon, beat it, and you will have shown everybody here your worth.

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