Test: Level 37 - 38

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  1. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    Test: Level 37 - 38

    A Whiff of Freedom

    Start At: Hu Suyin-lin (SH-38/1)


    Visible Condition:
    Completed Daily Quest: Third Time’s a Charm

    Completed Daily Quest: Third Time’s a Charm

    Inflict 25,000,000 Damage to Song Bird
    Collect 5 Emperator's Orders
    Collect 5 Gudai Medal

    Where to find!?
    Song Bird found in the maps 36/1, 37/1 and 37/2
    Emperator's Orders gained by completing Daily Quest: Rinse And Repeat
    Gudai Medal gained by completing Daily Quest: Third Time’s a Charm

    End At:
    Hu Suyin-lin (SH-38/1)


    Level 38
    4,375,000 Experience Points
    1 Extra Weapon Slot

    I have but one last mission for you Captain. Clear a path by attacking the Song Bird, keep it distracted so the rebels can move forward unnoticed. It was an honour to fight alongside you. Xie Shulei awaits you but beware, I’ve heard of a man roaming the lands ahead, and dark shadows follow him.

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