Test: Level 40 - 41

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  1. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    Test: Level 40 - 41

    On Stranger Tides

    Start At: Mr. Smythe (SH-38/1)


    Visible Condition:

    Complete Quest: Whispers in the East


    Defeat 50 Pesky Drizzle, Brazen Scoria, Whimsical Zephyr or Blunt Shock

    Where to find!?

    Pesky Drizzle can be found in the maps 36/1 and 36/2
    Brazen Scoria can be found in the maps 36/1 and 36/2
    Whimsical Zephyr can be found in the maps 36/1 and 36/2
    Blunt Shock can be found in the maps 36/1 and 36/2


    Have you ever heard of Al’Mahareen? Well, here’s your chance to discover it. The land and the people reappeared out of nowhere not so long ago. Foul magic at play it seems. I’ve already sent someone I trust to investigate. You’ll meet with her once you’ve reached the Mahareeni waters. You’ll probably have to battle your way out of here first. Try not to get yourself killed in the process.

    End At: Mr. Smythe (SH-38/1)



    Level 41
    3,500,000 Experience Points
    1 Extra Weapon Slot

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