Test: Level 45 - 46

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  1. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    Test: Level 45 - 46

    All the Sea’s a Stage

    Start At: Hassan Halil (SH-44/1)


    Visible Condition:

    Complete the quest: Help From Below

    Minimum Level:

    Level 45


    Defeat 30 Sandy Jackal, Emerald Falcon or Amethyst Stinger

    Where to find!?

    Sandy Jackal can be found on the maps 41/1, 41/2, 42/1 and 42/2
    Emerald Falcon can be found on the maps 41/1, 42/1 and 42/2

    Amethyst Stinger can be found in the maps 43/1 and 43/2


    I truly am in your debt, my friend. Ah yes, your questions about Al’Mahareen. Well, queen Shadi’s reign is not without its challenges. Despite her bloodline, many here still see her as a foreigner. The rumors about the return of the Grand Vizier only boosted that sentiment. You’ll see for yourself once we get there.

    End At: Hassan Halil (SH-44/1)



    3,500,000 Experience Points
    1 Extra Weapon Slot

    Level 46
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