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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seren, Jun 18, 2020.

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  1. SacalaMota

    SacalaMota Forum Greenhorn

    Developers, keep the spawn annoucement on the Spear's away, it's ruining the admirals point, or at least, from 25/30 Map up don't show the spawn annoucement, it's really pointless to go for them ;)
  2. robodol1.

    robodol1. Advanced

    i have the feeling that the amount of pearls you get from the big admiral are drasticcly lower after the restart. anyone noticed the same?
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  3. -*the*Killer*-

    -*the*Killer*- Forum Greenhorn

    Spear of Destiny: Depending on how much damage you´ve inflicted you are rewarded with XP and Pearls, Crowns or Yulong Coins.

    what about yulong coins ???
    i have been shooting destiny for 3 days and i almost shoot more then 120 ship now and i didnt get any yulong coins yet !!!
    did they remove the coins from this ship or what ?
    seriously at least increase the chance to get some yulong coins from this ship cause this is not fair at all
    i wish someone see this message cause much player were complaining from the yuloong coin come from the event
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  4. piranhahunter

    piranhahunter Forum Pro

    how to gain cursed souls?and how does this trading puzzle work?is there a link were to read abt it?
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  5. kb_rembrandt

    kb_rembrandt Someday Author

    According to the FAQ, you get a puzzle piece very frequently. I'm getting zero after solo'ing gazers and ghost nations. Can BP either update the FAQ so it's accurate, or give me the hundreds of pieces I am apparently owed? I assume I won't be getting anything...……..
  6. lellu85

    lellu85 Active Author

    please remove "win arena" from dailies, or change it so it can be done alone. ppl doesnt want to do it, so its impossible to get done
  7. kyloe

    kyloe Forum Master

    Please turn back up the spawn rate of the npcs for this event, as you all know 90% of the players are "sleepwalking", takes 5 minutes just to find 1 event npc. Please just reset it to the way the event started!!!
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  8. __GUS__

    __GUS__ Forum Greenhorn

    Plz Make Quests or Event Keys,or GhostWreck give some Cursed Souls
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  9. Søren-Kierkegaard

    Søren-Kierkegaard Forum Apprentice

    now there is very few ghost npc´s so you need to give some cursed souls.
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  10. Molly

    Molly Forum Greenhorn

    2020-06-29 08:49:48 You received 1 x Dinoball. 2020-06-29 08:49:48 Congratulations, astute pirate! You have unlocked the milestone 7 of the Puzzle! 2020-06-29 08:49:48 You received 10 x Jolly Roger Legacy. 2020-06-29 08:49:48 You received 10 x Worldbreaker Cannon Level 3 Upgrade Recipe. I collected yesterday this one and I dident got the dinoball can anyone help me ?
  11. ||Terminator||

    ||Terminator|| Forum Greenhorn

    guys pls increase the yulong drop chance. we cant unlock the cannon slots. pls plssssssss
  12. Foolish

    Foolish Forum Apprentice

    How do you complete the event quests without event ships on the water? taking 5 hours or more to get some of them done.
  13. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Count Count

    I am lost on how to obtain Cursed Souls. I was getting some duplicate puzzle pieces (which I could sell) from the nation ships (as promised in the FAQs), but now I am getting nothing. How do we get more cursed souls to use in trading???
  14. flafighter

    flafighter Regular

    Is there any chance of NPCs dropping cursed or exchanging radients for cursed in the market? I have no way of getting some market items or doing the calendar.
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  15. Rabbid

    Rabbid Regular

    I gotta agree with adding NPC drop for cursed souls or radiant exchange. I've made 70+ million pearls and 900k crowns from this event but am stuck on 137/180 pieces. Great event but the epic piece drop is so rare it's a little crazy. :s
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  16. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Count Count

    I did see one thing that may help you a bit. If you get a chance to do the random quest (I think it is called "Just A Pitch") where you get three 'Dem Bones and turn them in for a "Mysterious Gift", you can get a puzzle piece. I got a great one that I already had, so I sold it for 40 cursed souls (see below).

    2020-07-06 20:44:51 You received 1 x Wales Epic.
    2020-07-06 20:45:34 1 x Wales Epic was/were removed. Reason: Ghost Menace piece sold.
    2020-07-06 20:45:34 You received 40 x Cursed souls. Reason: Ghost Menace piece sold.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2020
  17. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Count Count

    Read the above tip, mate! Hope it is a little help.
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    ~GUARDIAN-ANGEL~ Forum Apprentice

    so for all those who have worked so hard to try and finish the puzzle bp decides to make it harder by not showing spawn location for the last week of event so as to keep anyone who hasnt already finished puzzle from having a fair chance at all of finishing. add to this if you stumble onto a spear of destiny now it seems to only give common pieces--i got 18 common in a row. great work bp on cheating as many of us as you could and this after allowing 3 days of server problems on u.s. servers. this is one time i wish there was a number to call where i could tell people at bp what i think of their manipulating events.
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  19. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Count Count

    Very well stated, mate.
  20. Rabbid

    Rabbid Regular

    It's almost impossible to finish this puzzle, which is unfortunate because I'm sure some of us put in a lot of hours and no lack of effort.


    This is mainly solo dawngazer, not counting the hundreds of spears I've shot. With 4 days left, I know that I won't finish this puzzle, no matter how hard I try.

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