The "Maps of Forever" (Birthday) Event

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seren, Mar 18, 2019.

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  1. ehturan1995

    ehturan1995 Forum Apprentice

    arky where did you get into these? In my map of forever there are
    • Portal of Reality
      • Mini game: “Jadestorm map”
    • Portal of Time
      • Mini game: “Assault on Safe Haven”
    • Portal of Power
      • Mini game: “Phantom Labyrinth”
    • Portal of Mind
      • Group map: “Golem group map”
    • Portal of Space
      • Group map: “Elemental Armageddon”
    • Portal of Soul
      • Group map: “Battle the Black Toll

    and the mini maps are giving only 8k pearls..
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  2. piranhahunter

    piranhahunter Forum Connoisseur

    its so hard to make souls pfffff
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  3. Swift

    Swift User

    The Portals A-R-K-Y is referring too are some of the Big Portals which can be open/seen after speaking to Al-Akhir and redeeming his Quest once you have completed at least 3 of the small portals (as listed above).

    Please also be aware that other players can complete the small portals for you should you be struggling! Invite your friends into the Map of Forever so help you with the Group Maps (the small portals at the bottom of the map), or to complete small portals for you (the three small portals at the top of the map).

    The amounts needed to spawn the Event ships can be seen in-game in the Event Window as shown:


    The Novice of the Cult requires 200 Initiate of the Cult to be sunk.
    The Brother of the Cult requires 50 Novice of the Cult to be sunk.

  4. BigGunShooter

    BigGunShooter Forum Apprentice

    Please nerf the damage that the Power Mini game does. Personally I can't take 2 hits from the main boss due to the high damage it puts out, (and I am a medium sized boat who can take a few hits, not 250k per hit from a boss) thus ruining the event for me in the new mode. Because I do not Like to be in Guilds, nor have 4 friends or mates to do these maps with. And to do the Large portal maps, I need to do 3 mini games, and I can't do a group map on my own, and you can't do a small portal twice for 2 charges. So how am I to enjoy this event to the fullest extent if I am being restricted to 2 portals and not being able to do a third due to how much damage it does?
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  5. -Neptune™

    -Neptune™ Forum Greenhorn

    @Swift I'm maxed castles, skills and and hiGh level gems and buffs equipped along with lvl 4 ribs. And the " small portal" one shots me every time I have gone in there, can't find my way through the " maze" without being shot. I use lvl 3 commonwealth guardian aswell. I can understand to get the big portal open. But cannot make it that far. And for a boat anything the size of me? This doesn't seem possible. On a side note, one now needs to play the event with people in order to play it at all?. This is a not very well thought out event and it's not just me that thinks so.
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  6. Banksy

    Banksy Forum Greenhorn

    Not so good for me I lasted 1 min 35 seconds in one of the portals and another one of them the ship inside just wipes me out 1 hit. :(
    and no special bonus glitters? Not so good for the shiney hunter, event chests are good at times, but would of been nice for something different to pick up on the seachart. Wasted a bit of confetti ammo today due to me not being able to complete some of the portals and I am now down to 6 lives in each of the space, time and some other portal, I think I should of saved it for later (if it can be used after the event?) bit late now. An old ship really struggles on the game but I have upgraded considerably and still cannot participate. I purchased a few packages today for a much needed upgrade, still cant take consecutive 200k hits at a time with volleys firing repetitively and crazy ranges. Shame. on the plus side the maps are real neat and ive had some fun with a few of the portals and bonus games just cant progress and last but not least happy birthday seafight!
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  7. Adysopitos

    Adysopitos Forum Apprentice

    I finished Jadestorm and Safe haven games but cant finish Labyrinth i cant avoide the zones because i cant see it.I have boost OFF(the box is unchecked).
  8. ACE-shot

    ACE-shot Forum Apprentice

    Hey swift u guys said that the bokor had also 13 doomhammers but none received them.
  9. DanceCZ

    DanceCZ Forum Apprentice

    How do you finish the Phantom Labyrinth mini game when the main gantril shoots you for 100k (with commonwealth gaurdian) and you are shooting it 300k. I tried it 3 times and I got sunk by it. Its not like its easy to move away and repair when you those instant sink circles moving around.

    How do you get Ignis ammunition, Aer ammunition, Aqua ammunition and Terra ammunition if you are not lvl 31+. Not everyone in the game is maxed out.
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  10. DanceCZ

    DanceCZ Forum Apprentice

    "When you have collected at least 3 Jewels you can exchange them via a quest at Al-Akhir for a “Big portal”.

    I have somehow managed to get 3 jewels now. But I still cannot see the quest to go to the big portal. I left the map, restarted and came back and tried but still no use.
  11. Jastreb889

    Jastreb889 Forum Apprentice

    The game is broken again?
  12. LogoRhea

    LogoRhea Someday Author

    Can do better.

    Your shopping cart in the seachart does not work, so if you want to make un-announced changes to the way players buy equipment with gold, make sure that your cart works properly. On top of that, there is no longer the possibility for players to know what is their stock level of gold denominated equipment... I would say this is a poor start for an event (not to mention the 5 hour initial blackout on the first day of this event).
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  13. Jastreb889

    Jastreb889 Forum Apprentice

    on the map Phantom Labyrinth i shoot first gantril but when i try to come to the next gantril he shoot me i can finish this map?
  14. yes its realy hard, i 10x kaboom always, anyone know play that minigame please make vidio
  15. _RATTY_.

    _RATTY_. Exceptional Talent

    hi @A-R-K-Y
    how did u get in to portal mini game .. it seems i cant get in to that.
    my screen look like that
    it seems nothing work in map of forever.
    the 6 portals are in grey and the middle one is not accessible.

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  16. Swift

    Swift User

    Make sure that "Boost" in the graphic settings is deactivated:


    Also make sure to refresh (F5) the screen for your changes to take effect. You can test if you will be able to see the zones by placing a regular Candle in the normal maps.


    13 x Doomhammer cannons

    Valid Until:
    4th April 2019
    To access a Big Portal; after you have collected enough Jewels, at least 3 (you can check it in the Depot):


    You can accept one quest:


    After you have accept the quest you have to redeem the reward:


    Then you have to go to the “zone” which appears:


    Then you can click on the big portal (when you don´t see it scroll up) and will be teleported to one of the “big portal maps”:


    Could you please explain what the issue is with the new in-game Shop in the Technical Section of the forum along with your Server and User ID so we can try to solve any problem you are experiencing.
    The idea of the map is to avoid the zones and don't go into them while defeating the four Creepers, once that is done you then need to kill the Gantril in the middle of the map.

    I would personally recommend you repair any damage you received at each before moving onto the next to give you the best chance to complete the map.

    The following is a video I recorded for the first time this map came out to give you some sort of idea of what is required.

    Please note: This is not a guide, this is not an instructional video, this is only here to give you an idea of the type of strategy that is required.

  17. Mateu_Santos

    Mateu_Santos Someday Author

    Can I start again a mini map after I successfully finished? Or just once during the whole event?
  18. Swift

    Swift User


    The progress of your map is reset when the buff “Temporal Energy” runs out.

    You have to buy the buff once again to enter the Map of Forever again.

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  19. Mateu_Santos

    Mateu_Santos Someday Author

    Yeah but I will be able to start the same one I finished yesterday? Like Assault in Safe Heaven for example?
  20. Swift

    Swift User


    Yes I do believe so, as your progress would have been reset to the same as it was at the beginning.

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