The "Maps of Forever" (Birthday) Event

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seren, Mar 18, 2019.

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  1. Mateu_Santos

    Mateu_Santos Someday Author

    Thank you and would be better if there is no limit for Key of Forever in black market :)
  2. ·єviłωαყѕ·

    ·єviłωαყѕ· Forum Mogul

    Funn Bought key whent into only portal that would let me go into the power one see rings try and stay away to shoot creeper but due to lag when ship finally moves it's sunk 2 times and have 8 tries I guess left but won't go into seems this is just big waste of time lame I mean lame event period!
  3. Ðî®T¥*Ѐ€d§

    Ðî®T¥*Ѐ€d§ Forum Apprentice

    What type of ammo does the best in the labyrinth map? confetti doesn't seem to do more than normal damage and i see in the video it looks like you're using pumpkin ammo (which i have none of and doesn't appear to be available).
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  4. Mateu_Santos

    Mateu_Santos Someday Author

    1500 Confetti and 50 Cursed Souls for just 1000 special ammo ? You must be kidding.
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  5. Kosova***

    Kosova*** Forum Inhabitant

    What to do Gantril shoot me so much?
  6. [UP©]♥Jerumane♥PT

    [UP©]♥Jerumane♥PT Someday Author

    crazy system ( i play alone and haven t friends in game... why haven t random maps
    ??? ok who want play my map write me in whatsapp i have headache and go now rest but wake up 9 am in latvia time. global europa 14

    [Removed Personal Infomation]
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  7. avokate

    avokate Forum Apprentice

    we can make only 1 time mini games or i have problem on my ship GB7
  8. Swift

    Swift User


    The portals will reset each day.

  9. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Count Count

    The Phantom Labyrinth: Swift - as someone previously mentioned, last time you used Pumpkin ammo that smoked the NPCs. Have you succeeded this time with this challenge hitting less?
  10. for temporal energy realy we just have 3 time for buy?
    with gold, crown, and soul after finish 3 time finish to map forever?
  11. Mateu_Santos

    Mateu_Santos Someday Author

    I have a suggestion. You should add those Jewels to the black market for pearls or crowns because there are many players who can't achieve 3 of them to enter a big portal (me including). There are many players who can't find friends to enter a Group Map. Personally i have spent around 500k pearls to buy ammo and haven't get any single pearl back :D. For me, the only good thing about this event until now, is that Bonus Code and those voodoo cannons at black market which fortunately i bought it 2 times. Admirals should be visible where they spawns too.
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  12. jaklaj*HIP*

    jaklaj*HIP* Forum Greenhorn

    but we need this time energy to join everyday this map right but we can only buy this 3 times ?
  13. _RATTY_.

    _RATTY_. Exceptional Talent

    hi guys
    the burning circles in labyrinth are moving to fast in my opinion and when u in there u get lags i having all time lags when i have to move . I can only manage to sink 3 ov the small npcs then when i go for the 4th on top left map i get lag ship frezes and by the time moves again i get blub , i tryd 8 times and every time hapend same thing i spent my pumpkin amo for nothing.

    2019-03-20 10:38:05
    You were sunk by Gantril.
    2019-03-20 10:37:56
    -1xSimbi Amulet was/were removed. Reason: Used.
    2019-03-20 10:37:56
    You've used a(n) Simbi Amulet.
    2019-03-20 10:37:46
    You sank Creeper's ship.
    2019-03-20 10:37:11
    You sank Creeper's ship.
    2019-03-20 10:36:22
    You sank Creeper's ship.
    2019-03-20 10:35:50
    You sank Creeper's ship.
    I suggest they revew this thing.
    u cant have so much feedback from pps complaining about this and do nothing!

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  14. DanceCZ

    DanceCZ Forum Apprentice

    How can we play the mini-games again? I see in the ranking for safe map savior some have 56 points which mean they played the mini game 7 times. As soon as I complete it once it gets locked out and will only reset after buff runs out (24 hours).
  15. Swift

    Swift User

    I believe Pumpkin ammo is still doing more damage in that map currently. I have not attempted the map this time, however, it is the same as the Halloween version.

    All feedback on this mini game shall be forwarded.

    You will be able to buy the Temporal Energy every day for Crowns or Souls; the Gold is only for 1 time, the other two you can buy as long as you do not have the buff.

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  16. unknownuser

    unknownuser Forum Greenhorn

    This for me has been such an expensive event, The temporal energy I cannot save for another day when my ship is stronger. The documentation for the mini-games has not been so good, I would much prefer to be able to use my temporal energy that I have paid 3000! crowns for at a later date, my ship is not strong enough to complete it in the allocated time, I think the event planners have really neglected the unguilded/solo player on this event not to mention the bugs creeping out the code. I have burned through so many confetti and got 8k pearls back. I have spent £80 on their birthday in good faith to keep interest in keeping servers running and for personal upgrades ofc and now more packages are on their way. I've lost doubler/premium benefits for hours each time there are server restarts, Data center maintenance ect all mounting up to a considerable amount of lost time. Pearls are now down to zero, spent all souls not to mention the radiant souls seem to be very hard to acquire this event. There really has been nothing worthwhile doing as my scarce resources dwindle due to this event. The only nice thing was the 2 voucher codes, but im sorry that cannot make up for how much I have burned through and how little I have progressed. Sorry but not happy at all, I can see the work has gone in to the map but you have totally forgot about the solo players! it has cost us unnecessarily.

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  17. Mateu_Santos

    Mateu_Santos Someday Author

    Gantril sunk me with just one shot full HP after i sunk all those Creepers.
  18. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Count Count

    I agree with you. When I tried it the last time they had this game, I could never get any further than NPC 4. This time I tried just twice and got to NPC 3. I repaired between NPCs but still - it seems to be almost impossible to complete. And my total base is near 1 million hit points, which I think speaks for itself.

    I agree with you 100%. I prefer to play solo too, and when they make half the mini-games "group participation", and for the other 3 "solo" maps, only 2 of the 3 can be realistically accomplished, it quickly becomes quite frustrating!:(

    Here is some information on the "Brother of the Cult" 500 million hit point Event ship. You really have to get some help in shooting it, since it hit me for like 250k-350k per shot...ouch!

    2019-03-20 07:24:51 You were sunk by Brother of the Cult.
    2019-03-20 07:43:40 You received 257487 EP (experience points).
    2019-03-20 07:43:40 You received 122826 x Pearls.
    2019-03-20 07:43:40 You received 30 x Radiant souls.
    2019-03-20 07:43:40 You received 56 x Cursed souls.

    I had 2 bone jewels yesterday (could not do the labyrinth). Today after the reset - I lost them! What? I needed them for today! And today I did the Safe Haven game and got 1 bone jewel. So I should have the 3 jewels required to do a "Big Portal" but only have one. Or do I? Look at the discrepancies in these 2 screen shots of my Depot versus the Quest Giver. What am I doing wrong?


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  19. Ðî®T¥*Ѐ€d§

    Ðî®T¥*Ѐ€d§ Forum Apprentice

    There's no way for me to do the labyrinth portal, I can get past all the creepers and moving zones, but the boss kills me in 4 or 5 shots from full 600k hp and 200k vp with over 70% dmg prevention. I didn't use a guardian, but I don't think it matters after seeing that. I don't think I even took 1mil off him hitting 200k with pumpkin ammo. This birthday event is a real downer, and right after another flop of an event; very disappointed.
  20. Swift

    Swift User


    The Jewels you collect are reset each time the Map of Forever is reset.

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