The "Maps of Forever" (Birthday) Event

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seren, Mar 18, 2019.

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  1. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Count Count

    Thanks Swift. Any idea why (in my screen shots above) the Quest Giver shows me with 0/10 jewels after I successfully finished the Safe Haven mini-game and my Depot shows one bone jewel? Also, if I only want to solo and cannot complete the Labyrinth mini-game successfully, does this mean I cannot get access to a Big Portal game? Thank you.
  2. Swift

    Swift User


    That quest requires Jewel Fragments, not Jewels. Jewel Fragments are gained by completing Small Portals in a fellow players Map of Forever. Completing that Quest by having 10 Jewel Fragments will provide you with 1 random Jewel.

    You need to complete three Small Portals to gain entry into a Big Portal. If you are able, you could complete the Group Maps alone and they would also count. You could also join another players Map of Forever to gain entry to their Big Portal.

  3. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Count Count

    Thank you Swift. I appreciate your help!
  4. BuckarooBanzai

    BuckarooBanzai Forum Apprentice

    Have bested two of three of solo mini maps and trouble with third, and have read all the threads. Face it, the event is a complete failure for the vast majority of the players, i.e., the customers. Isn't the customer always right? Isn't it time for the game developer to swallow his/her/their pride and make a few adjustments?

    Oh boy, a cannon sale! But prices raised by slightly more than birthday discount. How low can you get BigPoint. Way to build customer loyalty.

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  5. when i have just 3 jewels and just finish 3 game i have play ther portal of element on big portal
    but why when i finish all game minimap and group map and i have 8 jawels, i can't play portal of element? and why i just can play 3 game? and big portal have 6 game, i think if finish all i can play 6 game in big portal
    or i need much jewels again?
  6. rip9999

    rip9999 Forum Apprentice

    lol at mini games didn't realise it was april fool already weldone bp useless event
  7. Swift

    Swift User


    I apologise but I am having a hard time understanding the question.

    You can only do 1 Big Portal every day; once you have done 1 you are not able to do any more until you buy the Temporal Energy again to reset your Map of Forever.

    Every time your Map of Forever is reset your Jewels are also reset.

  8. cʟαш

    cʟαш Active Author

    hey swift i see in rank some player do the mini game more then one time how can do that ?
  9. Swift

    Swift User


    You can join your friends Map of Forever and complete the Small Portals in their map too.

  10. Mateu_Santos

    Mateu_Santos Someday Author

    The problem is that some of us don't have friends (or we don't see any friend online when we play) and would be better to make that Gantril's map easier or to put the Jewels in Black Market.
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  11. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Count Count

    My Final Feedback for this Event: the Labyrinth mini-game was a pathetic joke, and so was this entire Event. Like they say, number 13 is unlucky (and so was this Event for the players).
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  12. Bawdyn

    Bawdyn Forum Baron

    My eyes glazed over about a third of the way through reading the FAQ of this event. I don't have the time to play hours and hours to try to get to the point where the real gains can be made only to have to start over again the next day. I haven't done one mini-game/map of forever/portal yet and I don't think I'll bother to do them at all. Thanks for the vouchers though. :)
  13. jaklaj*HIP*

    jaklaj*HIP* Forum Greenhorn

    I have again three of this juwels but i can only choose 1 of this big maps and not the other 2 i need make all 6 of the minigames or i need to make jus the 3 ??
  14. Swift

    Swift User


    You can only do 1 Big Portal per day; once you have done a Big Portal, you are finished in your Map of Forever for the day until it is reset.

    The amount Jewels you have and the types will determine which Big Portal you receive. So if you do 3 Mini Games you might get one portal, do 4 you might get a different one, do 5 a different one, etc.

  15. BigGunShooter

    BigGunShooter Forum Apprentice

    Feedback that is true to the bone, the event doesn't suck, but it isn't good. The base of the event has no promise to it. The standard ships sailing around have no benefit at all, maybe a cursed soul here or there, but no point in shooting. Personally have spent over 200k ammo shooting them,(that is allot of ammo for me because I do not Put allot of money into the game, so any ammo is hopefully spent wisely) and only 1 had pearls in it; not even a good amount, only 24k. I can't even find an admiral ship to shoot because no indicator pops up, so my hopes of getting any radiant souls is down the drain. Plus I need Radiant souls to buy the 2 parts to enter the Map or forever, not paying 3k crowns to go in there once. Labyrinth map is still a joke to me because I get sunk out of it in 2 seconds by the boss, I can maneuver around the zones, but the boss hits way too hard for any medium to small boat to win the map.

    Ideas to pass to the dev team:
    - Increase the radius of admiral announcements
    - increase the probability of receiving pearls and souls in the small event ships
    - Tone down the damage the Labyrinth map NPC's have
    - Reduce the cost on Key fragments

    I have been playing this game for 10 years, and I love that fact that they are still able to develop new content for a Game that has been able to make it this long against everything else out there. But when the devs throw something that is full of disappointment at us, It leaves me, and probably a majority of the community, with a hard decision to still play the game. Will I stop playing if the event doesn't change for the better, no; I will just hop on to collect a few things, prey to get pearls from one little ship, maybe shoot a few shipwrecks; But not being able to do everything in this event because it is above my boats capabilities, leaves me to think that the captains at headquarters, don't think about the small players anymore.

    Thanks for your time to read this. Means allot to know that feedback is still appreciated in events and all content still.
  16. bodean

    bodean Forum Inhabitant

    well said m8. i can't figure out this event or make any profit either.
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  17. Swift

    Swift User


    We will, of course, forward your well written and useful feedback, along with everyone else's feedback in this thread.

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  18. Adysopitos

    Adysopitos Forum Apprentice

    I would like to add that getting souls is pretty hard in this event.I would appreciate if Initiate of the cult dropped 1 cursed/1 radient along with EP. The drop rate right now is very low it could be around 50% to eb decent.I was counting on this event to buy buffs but dont think so that will happen.
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  19. So if we finish all game, and have 6 jewels we can can have 4 different big portal??
  20. ehturan1995

    ehturan1995 Forum Apprentice

    I was actually very upset with the event, but once i get it, it is indeed very very good and i liked it. Thyey prepared it to not to be understood no lies here. but at the end with the big portals it realy, really pays off (its even good for small ships too because you can go enter maps with your friends and not that hard) But after 3 days of conceiving the evnet there is one thing still unclear to me. How do we open all of the big portals we were only able to open 3. Btw it doesnt work like if you have 4 jewels it gives straight another big portal. Id reaally appreciate Swift if you know it or if you can figure it out and share with us, thanks. So far your explanations are the best! :) I have been reading german, turkish and English but didnt see a moderator this helpful.
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