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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seren, Jun 11, 2021.

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  1. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    The Pirate Cup

    Please leave any feedback in this discussion thread, for your thoughts and comments on The Pirate Cup.

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  2. Carnage~Queen

    Carnage~Queen Junior Expert

    No mention of 'Pirate Cup' in Event Forum - is it not an event - no FAQ's ? etc etc
  3. Swift

    Swift Board Administrator Team Seafight


    The FAQ has been there for two days;
    The Pirate Cup

  4. CASCAO¹

    CASCAO¹ Forum Greenhorn

    Nation ranking reward

    All players that were fighting for the winning nation (over all servers) receive the design Pirate Cup Champion.

    -> Is it meant for the winning Servers Nation or the winning EM Nation ?
  5. Ryste

    Ryste Someday Author

    England have Union Jack as flag and not St George's Cross. It's a mistake and insulting to Scotland and Wales.
  6. ahaha

    ahaha Forum Greenhorn

    You seriously need to remove the caps on how much soccer ammo can be bought with pearls. Not a single player here is a fan of this "feature"
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  7. lellu85

    lellu85 Regular

    where to get dice for quest?
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  8. Jumbo76

    Jumbo76 Forum Apprentice

    Why is the boarding value for dawngazer 50k!? That's a bit high don't you think? Would be nice if you lowered it to 35000.
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  9. Snakebw

    Snakebw Forum Greenhorn

    Make upgraded ammo buyable
    Put worldbreakers in the shop , voodoo cannons are a Joke (doomhammers too)

    Remove /replace devastators from chests (Reason is obvious) Maybe recipes for cannons and items are Nice

    Increase reward for dawngazer by 25%
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  10. Sea~Stream

    Sea~Stream Active Author

    You have just insulted N.Ireland :p
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  11. StarLightS

    StarLightS Advanced

    if you aren't gonna put worldbreaker cannons in the event chests, at least put firestorms in there since those can be used in the rift. any other cannons is useless
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  12. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Ambassador

  13. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Ambassador

    In my humble opinion, this ship is totally worthless to shoot with the only guaranteed reward being EXP. It should be either totally removed from the Event or have the rewards drastically modified.

    • Ghost Reaper:
      • Depending on how much damage you inflict you are rewarded with EXP.
      • The player who inflicts the most damage has a small chance to receive Radiant Souls, a small chance to receive Soccer ammunition or Mojo and a small chance to receive a Common or Rare Puzzle piece.
      • The player who does the last shot has a small chance to receive Dragon Fires or Light of Tortugas.
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  14. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Ambassador


    1. ALLOW US to upgrade Soccer Ammo with Crystals like we do Explosive and Shrapnel ammo. I don't care if it is 3 Crystals per 1,000 rounds. Just please let us somehow do it.

    2. PLEASE stop giving us a ton of Elmo's Fires! I have enough to last me to the year 2050!

    2021-06-11 20:53:00 You sank Dawngazer's ship.
    2021-06-11 20:53:00 You received 50 x Elmo's Fire.
    2021-06-11 20:53:00 You received 53701 x Pearls.
    2021-06-11 20:53:00 You received 99296 EXP (experience points).
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  15. LAnSUPA

    LAnSUPA Someday Author

    the mr smythe you want is bottom right of the right hand island
  16. Pedro*_*Navaja

    Pedro*_*Navaja Forum Apprentice

    why is it so dificult to conseed soccer and upgrated soccer ammo? Is this gonna change during the event?
  17. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Ambassador

    Thanks mate! I appreciate it. He apparently isn't in the same place on all maps! :)
  18. LAnSUPA

    LAnSUPA Someday Author

    on some safe havens there are 2 of him normal quest and event quest
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  19. **BeastMode**

    **BeastMode** Forum Greenhorn

  20. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Ambassador

    I think those are Chi-Chi sticks. Here is one way you get them:


    The Shipwrecks must be shot with harpoons.

    In the Shipwrecks you find many useful items like Soccer ammunition, Dragon Fire level 2, Dragon Powder, Chi-Chi Sticks, Devastator cannon level 1 and more.

    Also - in the Seafight Bible under Daily Quests: Raid Quests

    Around the Riverbend <--Looks like for this quest you shoot one monster and receive either one or two chi-chi sticks daily.
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2021

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