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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seren, Jun 11, 2021.

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  1. Esmeralda♥Pearl

    Esmeralda♥Pearl Junior Expert

    He literally asked what happens to them after event if he don't sell them. Meaning he know he can sell them but he don't want to pay crown for 1soul. Really dude?
  2. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Ambassador

    Well, I logged into the game during the middle of the night, and it seems like I shot a ton of Nation Ships with only one puzzle piece coming from a Spear of Destiny. Went over and picked off a player auto-shooting a Dawngazer. Then he comes back and auto-shoots a Ghost Reaper. Then he auto-shoots a Nation Ship that I sink him on, and I take it. I thought to myself: "You fool. You don't deserve that ship, you cheater". But then I reflected on my comment and thought: "One of us is the fool; but which of us is it"?
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  3. **BeastMode**

    **BeastMode** Forum Greenhorn

    The nation ranking only uses the score of the 20 best players of each nation to guarantee the fairness between huge and tiny nations.

    This is wrong in the faqs, it counts all points of every player fighting for that nation not only the top 20 of each nation.
  4. ~Venich~

    ~Venich~ Forum Greenhorn

    Hi, today you released a patch to fix something in the game. But something else is obviously broken, from the first page I can not enter the game on the nautical chart for more than 4 hours. Maybe the server crashed something I don't know. It is about Europe globally 4.

    ~GUARDIAN-ANGEL~ Someday Author

    ok i have finally figured out this event! you may have thought this event was for the enjoyment of the community like the last time this event was held. you would be wrong. this event has been run entirely for the enjoyment of the game controllers who are laughing profusely over those foolish enough to attempt completing the puzzle. when it is difficult enough to get 3 dem bones (much more difficult than last time) and you redeem the mystery gift the controllers must be laughing at you because all you get is a common puzzle piece worth 3 cursed souls of which you already have 3 to trade in. 4 of 5 mystery gifts have been common pieces and 3 were repeats. there are so many aspects of this event that are futile there cannot be any other reason than it is for the amusement of the developers and controllers watching and rolling on the floor at those of us who didnt give up long ago. i will only use the rest of event for progressing in the season. at least you can progress in the season by doing some of the collections of coin of effort. in doing so you might deprive the controllers of laughing at you but hey maybe that puts the shoe on the other foot.
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  6. Where's the puzzle?
  7. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Ambassador

    On the drop-down Event Ticker, click on the one that says: "The Pirate Champion" and it will take you there:

    ~GUARDIAN-ANGEL~ Someday Author

    2021-07-06 05:42:02
    You received 1 x Turkey Common.
    2021-07-06 05:42:02
    1x Pirate Gift was/were removed. Reason: Used
    8 out of 9 gifts have only been common pieces that were already acquired and can only be exchanged for 1 cursed soul. that's pathetic!!
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  9. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Ambassador

    It is indeed. Based on looking at the Puzzle Trading section, the Rare and Epic pieces (as expected) are way more valuable. The problem is that if you are lucky enough to get one, your puzzle needs it and it is NOT a duplicate that you can sell for like 54 Cursed souls! That's the problem! With only a few days left, I am at 99 pieces. It will either take an Act of God or a 24/7 illegal program <--(not recommended) to get to 216 pieces. Seems hopeless to me.:(:(:(:(:( P.S. And yes - the mystery gift is horrible. All that work to obtain 3 Dem Bones and you get a puzzle piece worth basically nothing.
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  10. ~~diego~~

    ~~diego~~ Active Author

    you know you can buy the pieces and sell your duplicates
  11. Bawdyn

    Bawdyn Forum Veteran

    With the ~100 cursed souls you got at the start, you can't buy many. And the duplicates tend to be the commons so you get 1 back for selling, but need 5+ to buy one. Or is there some other way to buy them that isn't with Cursed Souls?
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  12. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Ambassador

    Not to be rude, but please reread my post. It explains in exact detail why this is virtually impossible.
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  13. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Ambassador

    Bawdyn: Here is one possibility. We have a lot of radiants. What if, near the end of the Event, they let us exchange (as they have in certain occasions in the past) radiant souls for cursed souls? Voila! That would give me hope! (Probably a snowball's chance in ****, but that's a good solution, at least in my opinion)!
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  14. Bawdyn

    Bawdyn Forum Veteran

    That would help. I have lots of Radiants as there was very little worth buying with them in the market after getting the buffs. I know I'll never finish, but it would be nice to at least get to the 100 pieces reward. (65 so far and enough cursed souls for 2 epics or 3 rare, no point buying commons the dem' bones will get those for you :p ).
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  15. Madam_Pirate

    Madam_Pirate Forum Apprentice

    its late in a poorly managed and problem plagued event. you hope the controlling people would like to make ammends and make some restitution for the event either in compensation for all the problems or make the (goal) of the event just a bit more possible and with 3 days left you get this reward for sinking the main npc of the event--
    2021-07-10 01:54:56
    You received 10745 x Crowns.
    2021-07-10 01:54:56
    You received 1 x Worldbreaker Cannon Level 3 Upgrade Recipe.
    2021-07-10 01:54:56
    You sank Spear of Destiny's ship.
    2021-07-10 01:54:56
    You received 1 x Germany Common.
    this is the equivalent to a soccer team scoring an own goal. all it does is defeat the time and attempt of winning. thanks sf for a pitiful excuse of an event. i wouldn't participate in this event in the future if they gave real money and a real ship.
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    ~GUARDIAN-ANGEL~ Someday Author

    lol sorry madam that just about sums it up for most of us. this is my last comment. after shooting every day for up to 9 hours a day i still wont make it to 140 puzzle pieces. ive been sitting on 125 all day today. only seen 1 spear spawn and not gotten a puzzle piece all day. maybe they ran out of pieces who knows. i don't think they really care. i hope somehow others did better than my math. over 3,000 pirate ships shot for a total of 115 puzzle pieces. having to shoot around 300 pirate ships for each puzzle piece. i have played since 2008 and i have never been part of a worse event as far as fairness to achieve the end prize. and i once shot for 23 hours straight to win an event skin. that should prove im no quitter but it would have been better if i had learned from the movie war games. "The only way to win is to not play the game".
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    ~GUARDIAN-ANGEL~ Someday Author

    did even 1 person finish the puzzle? if any of you were still trying down to the last 4 hours did you notice the cost of puzzle pieces went up instead of going down. even the commons were changing from 2 to 3 souls. was this a further attempt to keep players from finishing the puzzle? or did they figure some players may have stored their souls til the last days thinking they would cost less and buy them then? with the numerous problems (which they knew about) and the poor spawn rate of ships with a puzzle piece and the payout for spear being messed up thru the whole event it looks as though the powers that be were trying to make sure either no one or very few would be able to finish the puzzle. this is the 2nd time this same event has been done by sf and this time was extremely less fair than the time before especially with the problems that were never fixed during it. if you shot just 25 spear of destiny you were cheated out of 25 possible puzzle pieces that might have gotten you to 1 more level or finish. if the next time this event is run it goes the same i can recommend instead of shooting event ships (if) the payout of puzzle pieces is so poor basically 1 for every 300-400 ships shot then the best way to make something of the event is to just shoot shipwrecks and open event chests. some players gained over 50 to 100 devastator lvl 1 cannons and stored needed items in their depot by concentrating on just that. the other thing i learned is to not get frustrated by a poorly managed event or by expectations of finishing. it should be expected after the way this one was handled.
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  18. -PUSAT-

    -PUSAT- Forum Apprentice

    I have a question? you put Marauder days up, take our event keys, trade them out for reg. keys, and there are event chests on the water and no way to collect them, i looked to see if you could but them and i havent found i over looking something or did Bp screw this up too......just sayin..
  19. hoollgan

    hoollgan Forum Greenhorn

    Another mockery of the players !!! The rest of our souls from the event were exchanged for a ridiculous amount of cannonballs!
  20. -PUSAT-

    -PUSAT- Forum Apprentice

    I have a Question.. what happen to getting the skin from the Pirate Cup...Let me guess, Bp is working hard on it, its funny how Bp can keep pumping out events but cant fix the issues from the last event....or the quest....just sayin...

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