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    The Rift

    Enter the Greater Rift and face the highest challenge you will ever encounter on the high seas! Find the Arbiter and embark on mysterious quests that will prepare you for this brand-new adventure. Be ready! You will have to measure yourself to waves of powerful enemies to emerge victorious!


    Entering the Rift:

    To enter the Rift you will need to have Rift Emblems. These can be gained by completing the Rift Daily Quests set by The Arbiter, located in the Safe Haven. The quests you have available are dependant on the level bracket:
    Bracket 1: Level 1 to 20
    Bracket 2: Level 21 to 25
    Bracket 3: Level 26 to 30
    Bracket 4: Level 31 to 40

    These level brackets only effect the quests you receive. The Rift, rewards and rankings from the Rift will all be the same regardless of your player level.


    Once you have obtained Rift Emblems, you are able to enter the Rift. To begin, you will need to speak to Al-Akhir, also found in the Safe Haven.


    Alternatively, you could select the Rift from the menu bar by clicking the Safe Haven icon, then the Rift icon.


    Speaking to Al-Akhir or pressing the Rift icon, as both described above, will bring up the Rift window. There are three tabs on this window; Rift, Rewards and Ranking.

    To enter the Rift we will be using the first tab that is the default tab to load when opening the window; Rift.

    On this screen, you can see the current cost to enter the Rift, as well as your current progress - should you be part way through. At the top of the window, just below the tabs, you can see your current amount of Rift Emblems and the Season end time, although we will have more on this later.


    Should you have enough Rift Emblems, simply press the green "Enter" button, or the green "Continue" button should you be part way through. A fifteen second timer will start for you to be transferred to the Rift. Moving during this timer will cancel the transfer.

    The price of the Rift increases by 1 Rift Emblem each time you pay to enter the Rift, with the price resetting each day at midnight.

    The Rift:

    Upon entering the Rift you will be confronted by 30 waves of powerful enemies!

    Each wave contains a range of enemies, which get progressively harder the further into the Rift you travel.

    These enemies are no ordinary enemies, and as such, you are required to use Elite Ammunition in order to damage them.

    Rift Ammunition causes additional damage against the Admiral NPC's: Blazing Grace of the Rift I, Blazing Grace of the Rift II, Blazing Grace of the Rift III, Fen'ral Trickster of the Rift, Governor of the Rift, Great Bomber of the Rift I, Great Bomber of the Rift II, Great Bomber of the Rift III, Great Colossus of the Rift, Skoll Alpha of the Rift, and Worg Deceiver of the Rift.

    Some of the foes you will face have their own abilities you must be aware of - should you wish to withstand the rough and long-lasting battles in the Rift!

    Blazing Grace of the Rift I, II and III: Spawns two red damage zones that move around the map. When they approach you they will follow you and should you enter inside the zone you will be damaged.
    Fen’ral, Trickster of the Rift: Spawns an offensive zone underneath Skoll, Alpha of the Rift, increasing Skoll's damage.
    Governor of the Rift: Brings forth more Rift Cannoneer.
    Great Bomber of the Rift I, II and III: Spawns Ticking Manatee which chase you and then self destruct when in range.
    Rift Cleric: Heals the other enemies from the Rift.
    Rift Frost Bearer: Freezes your ship in place.
    Rift Raging Lurker: Has a zone around it, any NPC's in this zone have reduced reload speed, however, they gain increased ship speed.
    Rift Slumbering Wraith: Hits you with the Mind Freeze debuff (+50% Reload, -50% Speed).
    Worg, Deceiver of the Rift: Spawns an offensive zone underneath Skoll, Alpha of the Rift, increasing Skoll's damage.
    Rift Tormentor: Hits you with the infatuation debuff.


    Certain items are not allowed when in the Rift, including the Behemoth Repair Staff, Winterlights, Candles, among others.

    To your benefit, the mystical energy of the Rift fully heals your Hitpoints and Voodoo Points when you complete each wave.


    Having proven yourself against the forces of the Rift, the wave you reached and the time it took are recorded. Those who reach the furthest and in the quickest time are rewarded with a range of valuable items!

    The ranking first orders players dependant on what wave they have reached. Those who reached the last wave will be above those who reached wave 29, with those who reached wave 29 being above those who reached wave 28, and so on.

    The ranking then orders players based on the amount of time it took for them to finish their attempt in the Rift. As an example, if two players completed wave 30, one did it in 20 minutes and another in 25 minutes, then the player who did it the quickest would be ranked higher.

    Therefore, to emerge with the best rewards, you need to complete as many waves as you can, as quick as you can to gain the best ranking position possible!

    The current ranking standings can be seen by going to the Ranking tab, of the Rift window.

    The ranking duration lasts until the season is over, the time until the season ends can be seen under the tabs in the Rift window when viewing the Ranking tab. Once the season has completed the rewards are distributed based on ranking position.

    Once you have completed wave 30, you have been sunk, or the season reset has occurred, your attempt will be over and your current wave and time will count towards the ranking.

    You can attempt this multiple times throughout the season, with your best wave reached and time taken being used. Any attempts which are not as good as your current best will not count towards the ranking.



    Depending on the wave and the amount of times you have battled the Rift that day, you will be rewarded with a range of items, including; Rift Survivor Buff, Rift Cannons, Rift Coin's, Crowns and Pearls.

    riftbuff.jpg riftcannon.jpg riftcoin.jpg
    crowns.jpg pearls.jpg

    The Rift Survivor Buff goes to conquerors of the Greater Rift. It will increase cannon slots and expansion slots.

    The Rift Coin's are imbued with mystical energy from the Rift, these coins can be exchanged for valuable items.

    With the Rift Cannons you can unleash the power of the Greater Rift and make your enemies tremble in fear at the sound of your cannons!

    Opening up the Rewards tab on the Rift window will list the rewards you could possibly earn from the Ranking, the first completion of the day, and the subsequent completions per day.

    The first list of possible rewards that can be seen are the Ranking Rewards:

    7 x Rift Survivor
    10 x Rift cannon
    24,500 x Rift coin
    2. - 5.
    7 x Rift Survivor
    7 x Rift cannon
    19,500 x Rift coin
    6. - 10.
    5 x Rift Survivor
    5 x Rift cannon
    15,000 x Rift coin
    11. - 20.
    3 x Rift Survivor
    3 x Rift cannon
    11,000 x Rift coin
    21. - 50.
    1 x Rift Survivor
    1 x Rift cannon
    7,100 x Rift coin
    51. - 100.
    4,300 x Rift coin
    101. - 200.
    2,400 x Rift coin

    You can see these rewards in-game by going to the Rewards tab and viewing the list of rewards under the "Weekly Ranking Rewards" heading.


    Scrolling further down on this page, you can see the rewards you get from completing each wave for the 1st time each season. These are displayed under the "First Clearance Rewards" heading.

    You will only receive these rewards on your first completion of each wave each season!


    Finally, if you continue scrolling down on the Rewards page, you will see the "Wave Rewards" heading. The rewards that are listed under this heading are what you will receive when you complete the wave for two or more times, per season.


    An overview of the waves, and the rewards for each wave can be seen in The Rift Map Seafight Bible entry.

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