The Rune alphabet (old Norse alphabet)

Discussion in 'Creative Lounge' started by _Vidar, Jun 21, 2019.

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  1. _Vidar

    _Vidar User


    I have seen many players using Rune characters in their names, just because they are cool.. ;)

    So, this is me trying to explain the Rune alphabet to you.

    First; Rune is not a language.. it is an alphabet.

    Vikings had 16 - 19 runes in their alphabet.

    Some of the characters is used for more than 1 sound, and some sounds can be printet in more than 1 way.

    So, if you understand the vocal sounds in one of the Viking areas, you will be better understanding/ writing the Rune alphabet.

    I am trying to use English sounds, explaining the different sounds ~ this would help most of you :)


    • = as in Ann
    • = as in Arn (bArn)


    • = as in Bin, Ban - short B-sound


    • = as in Charlotte
    • = as in Camilla











    • = as in May (long)
    • = as in Emma (short)



    • = Flat, short and distinct O – (this sound dos not exist in EN)
    • = as in Oscar








    • = as in yoU – short distinct – (not ”ju” - ju minus j)


    • = as in Fun (German Von)
    • = as when you bite your underlip ”Ve” short distinct (German like Vera)



    There is no rune for ”X”, so this is the sound of ”ks”.

    • ᚴᛋ = as in Alex
    • = as in Xander (Sander)


    • = no EN sound like that, but Latin ”Ypsilon” - distinct flat


    And.. then there is the Æ,Ø & Å :)

    Many countries in the Northern part of Europe, have the sounds but the charater is a little different – I will write both ways.

    Ææ, Ää – Æ = A+E (AE)

    Øø, Öö – Ø = O+E (OE)

    Åå, AA-aa.

    I am no professor in the Runes, so if any of you can provide something to this, please do so – and the source of course.

    My source is the libraries in the Viking areas.

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  2. _Vidar

    _Vidar User

    The above section is named a "futhark", and it have no numbers, but accordding to Museum inspector and runolog - Lisbeth Imer, the vikings used in the late viking age, the line of symbols in the futhark as numbers.

    NB! Our futhark is from the early viking age - and putting the numbers in it from the late viking age, gives us a mix.. let's call that the Seafight viking age!

    Seafight futhark in chronological order

    1. - A - high, O - as in Oscar, Å, AA

    2. - A - flat, Æ, Ä

    3. - B, P

    4. - C, K, Q, - K-sound

    5. - C, S, Z, X - S-sound

    6. - D, T

    7. - E

    8. - F, V - as in Fun (German Von)

    9. - G

    0. - H

    - I, J

    - L

    - M -
    as in Emma (short)

    - M - as in May (long)

    - N

    - O - flat, U - as in yoU – short distinct – (not ”ju” - ju minus j), V - as when you bite your underlip ”Ve” short distinct (German like Vera), W

    - R

    ᚴᛋ - X - KS-sound

    - Y, Ø, Ö

    - th

    If you have questions or comments - plz write :)

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