They screwed up bigtime after the sync

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by 〤ĴΔРØŇЄŞŠŁØҜØ〤, Jul 16, 2020.

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  1. I'm gonna be dead honest with you, I knew from the moment I saw my account had 1800 days of repbuff it would cause major problems. Well guess what, problems arrived. Let's start off with a fun fact: those buffs were placed by the system, I didn't even unlock the buccaneer bounty market, amazing right? The buffs were removed earlier today, but the 11M pearls and 600.000 crowns they took when the system gave me these buffs (about a week ago) have not been refunded. We both aren't stupid, we both know I should recieve a refund for something the system did.

  2. *ROKKA*™

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    this is not first time in this game history......i just wonder how they work this company.they drive script,they say ,but they doit wrong,i dont even know how it is possible....and what script they even drive??,im sorry for you if you lose something,im sure you not alone...sorry my english
  3. I mean, the last event was pretty good, but willingly removing 600.000 crowns is A LOT kek.
  4. *ROKKA*™

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    yep,event is best ever;)
  5. @Seren will fix this, I'mma 100% sure.
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