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    Todays Updates

    The Reordering of the World map

    A new map layout allows all of you to gather together more easily.

    Beginner quests

    The new tutorial will not yet be in this update because we are still working on it. Therefore, the beginner quests are only "placeholders“ to push progress and to make it possible for everybody to continue with the normal quest. So please don’t be astonished if the first quests are a bit – let’s say „dumb“. They are only in there to bring you forward.

    Pirate protection

    The PvP protection will be changed together with this update. All maps will be PvP maps. All new players get the “pirate protection” buff for one week. More time can be collected by completing quests (max. stack limit is 14 days). Max level for the buff is 6.

    New quests

    We are introducing over 150 new quests, available for all of you, in a story explaining the changing world. We proudly present new quest givers, like Knives McGhee and the mysterious Arbiter – and there are lots of other old friends with new challenging quests.

    Guild islands

    We will reset all guild islands together with the update. This means that also the guild towers will be resetted to become neutral again. Of course, there will be a compensation for what was invested and we will have a downtime of about 30 minutes to compensate everything together with the reset.

    Every guild can own a maximum of 10 guild islands from now on.

    The New Trophy Room

    Collect Trophies and Upgrade them by gaining Reputation with certain Factions. Each trophy gained enhances your vessel! Together with the new areas, we implemented a brandnew Trophy Room. There are different shelves where you can collect your trophies. The Trophy system is similar to the Castle system: The shelves are equivalent to the castles and the trophies are equivalent to the slots. Each trophy is providing a positive buff for your ship. We’re starting the new feature with the Commonwealth trophies.

    Fenghuang Region & New Elemental System

    Together with a new starting experience and the new features, we’re proudly presenting the new Fenghuang maps. Explore the east, head to the Fenghuang Region, battle new monsters and complete Pirate Exams to level 35. We are adding 8 new maps and 5 new levels. And together with all this, we’re also introducing the new „Elemental Resistances Systems“ – inflict even more damage with the right choice of elemental ammunition: „Earth“, „Water“, „Air“ and „Fire“ against the new ennemies of opposing elements (Fire – Water, Earth – Air) on maps 31-35.
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