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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seren, Sep 9, 2020.

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  1. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Count Count

    It is very congested right before midnight here on Mega America. My screen flickers and it is just difficult to play. I wish the developers would consult their notes from the last time they ran this Event. The Ladon was a stand alone NPC found in certain spots around the "Globe". We had the sound of the "Sirens" with their "haunting music". And we knew how to get "Ancient Emblems". Now the "Event Announcements" get posted ahead of time by mistake. They are often incomplete. It just projects onto the organization a look of general sloppiness and nonchalance. I guess if BP doesn't care, why should we?
  2. lude1962

    lude1962 Forum Connoisseur

    Most players dont do group maps, 1 no players to get in with, 2 instructions are rubbish, how do we ret ancients?
  3. õWler

    õWler Someday Author

    Ancient Emblem = reward from group map
    But nobody here playing group map.. There is only zombie on seachart lol..
    A ship without a soul
    Ship without a captain
    There is only ship been control by virus only
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    BAPHOMET97 Forum Greenhorn

    BP can you please make the boss to no SHOOT ON SIGHT, because he does 300k and i cant even seem him when he shoots me, make him passive as the other event bosses. thank you
  5. BOMBER890

    BOMBER890 Forum Apprentice

    Event is pretty fun , only concern is that i have not received any firestorm cannons from chests or shipwrecks , kinda dissapointing just like last event where you promised us painbringers in the event chests . Hopefully this will be fixed in future events but apart from that not bad at all ;)
  6. Xennonn

    Xennonn Someday Author

    this is not true. they have only impeccable and blemished gems if this is the one in the shop
  7. Sea-Sea

    Sea-Sea Padavan

    Approx. 1 out off 5 gives 125 K pearls.
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  8. ¤Û§§¤§mØkéR¤

    ¤Û§§¤§mØkéR¤ Junior Expert

    Good Morning BP
    I realize that you did increase the spawn points needed to pop a Typhoon and you said you lowered the HP and Damage in the last update. I recommend you lower the HP to 500 Million. I still find Typhoons sitting on the water and they take to long to shoot solo. Therefore, Either boost the rewards so people chase them or reduce the HP so they can be soloed effectively.

    Thank you Like This Post If You Agree!!!
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  9. ¤Û§§¤§mØkéR¤

    ¤Û§§¤§mØkéR¤ Junior Expert

    The event needs to pay better crowns I cant buy heartbreak cause it costs more to shoot that I make...
  10. rubenrs

    rubenrs Active Author

    Yes Typhon is a pain, and beginning to shoot it is such a mistake.
  11. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Count Count

    Update on the Boss Map: I went to Quest giver Alexandros and the first screen you get says he has no quests for you. Close that screen and **behind** it is the real screen with the challenges. I moved the top screen up a bit so you can see what I mean here:

    I just happened to find 25 Ancient emblems sitting there:

    (You can see I also have 2 Magical emblems in this screenshot, because I had already done the challenge twice). If you do the "Normal version" you win Magical Emblems that allow you access to the "Hexx version". With more firepower these days, I found it was a lot easier for me, and here is a tip: Stay inside the light blue circle when shooting Ladon and Ceto. When you have killed Ladon first, and are finishing off Ceto, the light blue circle is amazing. (I took Ceto down about half or more in hit points early in the challenge to slow him down a bit). Inside the light blue circle at the end, I hit Ceto for 1.2 million! I have played for many years, so I did these with no helper for a perfect rating. But try it out - it is fun! If you are new to it, start easy and work your way up!
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  12. flafighter

    flafighter Regular

    What's the deal with all the Typhon and Ladons? Are they spawning so fast that players aren't getting to them or does nobody care about them anymore?
  13. robodol1.

    robodol1. Padavan

    Well . The ladon when doing it solo pays out around 30 k crowns. Or 250-300k Pearl's. Honestly I shoot them with normal elite ammo from a distance so the ladon doesnt hit me back . Dont know what the ladon pays in yulong when doing it solo( I would like to hear from someone) also would like to know the pearl crown and yulong rewards from doing a typhon solo
  14. õWler

    õWler Someday Author

    this is wat i get from doin ladon alone

    2020-09-11 11:26:11
    You received 372095 EXP (experience points).
    2020-09-11 11:26:11
    You sank Ladon's ship.
    2020-09-11 11:26:11
    You received 3289 x Yulong coin.
  15. õWler

    õWler Someday Author

    Btw typhoon NPC no one shoot at all..
    Really annoying sometime when lot of typhoon spawn n we get shoot by them
    Furthermore the amount of hp the typhoon have is ridiculous
    For 1 typhoon to be solo take lot of time
    might be better if cut the hp to be 400mill like that..
    so annoying when lot of typhoon appear but no one wanna shoot it
  16. rubenrs

    rubenrs Active Author

    I got 107k crowns for around 80% dmg on a Typhon. So the payout seems similar to Ladon, but Ladon is better for event rank.
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  17. lellu85

    lellu85 Advanced

    Daily event quest "complete group map" hasnt reset, whats wrong now?
  18. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Count Count

    They make it exceptionally difficult to move through maps, that much is certain!
  19. Xenoverse

    Xenoverse Junior Expert

    I did over 10m of pearls soloing them, not that bad honestly
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  20. Panthoneum

    Panthoneum Forum Apprentice

    I just got a Lvl 2 firestorm cannon from a shipwreck so it's definitely in the loot table. Good luck!
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