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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seren, May 25, 2021.

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  1. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    Unity Release!

    Please leave any comments or feedback here regarding the Newly Release Unity.

    Remember to stay within forum rules or you may find your forum privileges removed.
  2. addscocha1

    addscocha1 Forum Greenhorn

    Can not get chat window to pop up. Have even tried refreshing with settings.
  3. Carnage~Queen

    Carnage~Queen Junior Expert

    Slow to Load, slow to respond. Smaller screen to play on and the revised Graphics like 1980's Sinclair Computer game.
    Not impressed to say the least.
    Mozilla Firefox not clever on multi screen ie Main Page, Game Page and when you go into Forum page especially when you have finished forum takes an age to let you log out of it. Also cannot log out of main/front page - only way is to close prog leaving page open.
    The last 'Client' version was far superior in both graphics and speed of response.
    Sorry, obviously a lot of work has gone into this version.
  4. LAnSUPA

    LAnSUPA Someday Author

    still no chat box seren and i know how you miss seeing me in chat

    ☠FIREBALL☠ Active Author

    not possible to log in WD bp phone me when fixed.
  6. Swift

    Swift Board Administrator Team Seafight

    You need to press the chat button as shown:

    If you are having problems updating the client, please uninstall it and try to install it from the following link:

    If you are still experiencing issues loading the game after having attempted that, please contact Support where they will take some further information.

  7. LAnSUPA

    LAnSUPA Someday Author

    omg swift thank you,, i am so dense at times

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  8. *LittleBustaRhymes*

    *LittleBustaRhymes* Forum Apprentice

    they need to give us back client until unity is ready to go, i cant even set up my waterpage the same way ive had it for years, wont let me put my weapons menus on the right side of the screen, they just stop int he middle of the screen
  9. Swift

    Swift Board Administrator Team Seafight


    That is a known issue which has been reported.

  10. The_Druncken_Pillager

    The_Druncken_Pillager Someday Author

    I can't seem to get any cannon fire audio also rank badge seems to be aligned incorrectly.
  11. Swift

    Swift Board Administrator Team Seafight


    Both issues have been forwarded, thank you for reporting.

  12. .Kenze.

    .Kenze. Forum Pro

    No sound on sea at all...
  13. ☠FIREBALL☠

    ☠FIREBALL☠ Active Author

    why dont you scrap unity its a 1980s video game
  14. watervrees

    watervrees Forum Apprentice

    Please go back to client :)
  15. Sea~Stream

    Sea~Stream Active Author

    The final nail in Sea~Fight's coffin :(
  16. 8luckyjack8

    8luckyjack8 Forum Connoisseur

    I like it. So far so good.
    • :)
    • :)
    • :)
  17. m8.
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  18. -Black-Hunter-

    -Black-Hunter- Forum Greenhorn

    cant play any morte like this.......
  19. while I guess I can get used to it, it is vastly inferior to the problem ridden game we are used to. Why is it that BP wants to downgrade a game that has so many problems? I hope this is a work in progress, but I don't understand why BP needs to practice on us. Why not just keep the new version in beta until it is ready?
  20. ☆PANTΣЯ☆

    ☆PANTΣЯ☆ Someday Author

    lot of people left more will left soon to these graphics sucks
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