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  1. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    VCM / VCMA

    Ahoy Pirates,

    A bit of fun, whilst we are waiting on an answer from the game development team.

    Opens now will close Sunday night (5th) / Monday Morning (6th) at Midnight.

    Who can tell me what the prefix VCM or VCMA in front of the new npcs.

    hrms = her (or his to be politically correct) royal majestys ship
    hrma = her (or his)royal majesty admiral
    but VCM/VCMA thats the question.

    5 prizes to give away.

    5 Triton's Crown
    5 Simbi Amulet
    1 The Hour Glass
    5 Blood of the Inya
    5 Voodoo Bomb
    So take a stab, let me know what you think VCM/VCMA stands for.

    Yours Seren
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  2. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    So I tried searching google and got nowhere... so I am left to guess as to what they are...

    Vault Commonwealth Mercenary
    Vault Commonwealth Mercenary Admiral

    probably wrong, but hey ho :p

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  3. Grand-mariner™

    Grand-mariner™ Forum Veteran

    Vessel Commonwealth Maritime.

    Vessel Commonwealth Maritime Admiral.
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    MONSTER. Forum Apprentice

    Victorian Commonwealth Maritime

    Victorian Commonwealth Maritime Admiral
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    EVAGRIUS*PONTICUS Forum Apprentice

    Victorian Commonwealth Mercenary

    Victorian Commonwealth Mercenary Admiral

    I got this lads :D
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    JULIUS^CRISPUS Forum Greenhorn

    Viking Commonwealth Mercenary
    Viking Commonwealth Mercenary Admiral
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  7. USB~Greybeard

    USB~Greybeard Padavan

    Victoria Cross Medal
    Victoria Cross Medal Admiral
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  8. bodean

    bodean Forum Inhabitant

    victorian conspiracy mercenary and victorian conspiracy mercenary admiral? great question!

    just guessing-lol. we need more games like these!
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  9. dropedship

    dropedship Someday Author

    Victorious Commonwealth Mercenary
    Victorious Commonwealth Mercenary Admiral
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  10. changed my mind lol ^^

    vengeful commonwealth mercenary
    vengeful commonwealth mercenary admiral
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  11. USSChallenger1

    USSChallenger1 Old Hand

    Victorian commonwealth mercenary
    Victorian commonwealth mercenary admiral
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  12. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    Hmmm you lot are pretty good at guessing the real name.

    We have no one thinking they could give us the funniest name. I suppose thats a relief at least we do not have anyone suggesting that ...

    VCM = Very Crazy Moderator. ;)

    Keep going guys remember this closes at midnight.
  13. Mac

    Mac Forum Mogul

    Valiant Commonwealth Maurader
  14. I think you are right Seren :p:p:p
  15. CrazyWulfy

    CrazyWulfy Junior Expert

    Vicious commonwealth marauder

    Vicious commonwealth marauder (admiral)
  16. LAnSUPA

    LAnSUPA Someday Author

    For me it would be

    Vanguard of Commenwealth Men
    Vanguard of Commenwealth Men Advanced..

    then again its BP so could be a hit out to players who previously took advantage

    Venezuelan Cheaply Made
    and for those still not understanding

    Venezuelan Cheaply Made Accounts

  17. vengeful corrupt mercenary
    vengeful corrupt mercenary admiral
  18. Satan_Himself

    Satan_Himself Forum Baron

    Vampire Commonwealth Mercenary
    Vampire Commonwealth Mercenary Admiral
  19. =308Marksman=

    =308Marksman= Regular

    Very Corruptly Made

    Very Corruptly Made Associates
  20. Ɗяєɗɗєɗ

    Ɗяєɗɗєɗ Padavan

    Victorious Commonwealth Mercenary
    Victorious Commonwealth Mercenary Admiral
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