Ways to make this game not so terrible.

Discussion in 'Users’ Corner' started by EVAGRIUS*PONTICUS, Aug 15, 2019.

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    EVAGRIUS*PONTICUS Forum Apprentice

    I've played this game since 2006, with some breaks here and there. I've never seen the game at a worse point then it is now. I'm not trying to be negative just speaking facts. Here are my idea's at how to turn this game from the current low point and make it at very least tolerable again. They're in no particular order. Everyone of them is as important as the last. This game has lost very important key elements which made it a great game.

    1. Remove the League system/Replace.

    The reality of the league system is it promotes botting. To win this you must bot constantly. Anyone denying this is simply not living in reality. If there were to be a system in which extra cannons are rewarded, this is not the way to go. Personally the rift system makes way more sense then the league system. This will also bring down our total amount of cannons. (which will be soon on the list not to worry ;))

    2. Stop with the constant events. It's literally making the game intolerable. Any player who plays legit, can not keep up with it, I understand that you as a company have to make money, but re-doing the same events, with a slight twist is just lazy. 2 weeks out of the month is PLENTY of event time. I remember seafight used to have events on holidays and special occasions. The constant events takes away from the actual game itself. (which is maybe what you're attempting to do to distract from the frankly lack of an attempt at making actual content)

    3. Fix the lag. This game is laggy and terrible. It has been for a while, but recently it's been getting worse and worse. On Mega America we can't even shoot an island without lagging wildly. It's terribly ruining the game. I remember when we had a 500 player stacks and we didn't lag this bad. There was 20x the players that currently play and we had no lag. There's no excuse for this lag. Period

    4. Take out homing mines, or greatly change them. This game was built on stack battles. I know why Homing mines were implemented, but it's completely taken away fighting as a group in a reasonable aspect.

    5. Remove the repair buff given from the hour glass. You're welcome to keep everything else. But the repair buff in the hourglass when used makes the game stupid. Fights shouldn't last 10 mins, and also takes what little skill aspect is left of the game out.

    6. Stop adding more ways to get cannons. You've gotten to the point of ridiculous. What's the max now 522? Or even more? This game started with 100, and with 1 type of cannon.
    Now we have 522 with 20 differnt types of cannons. I shouldn't even have to be saying this. This should be common sense. So many different updates have come out it's impossible to go backwards at this point, but at least stop putting more?

    7. Put quality over quantity. Remember when seafight had 100-105 cannons? Yes the game was a lot cheaper, and you made less money per person. But I can 100% guarantee that over all seafight was making ALOT more money. 50,000 players spending $100 a month, or 500 players spending $500 a month. Which is more? In it's glory days, seafight had at least 20x the active players. Now there is a handful which play. This game is nearing the end unless something is done. These of course are only my opinions but I'm sure most would agree. Please stop sucking this game dry and try to make it quality again.

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    ♥ŚȚŖÄŴBËŖŖŸ♥ Someday Author

    i agree with you on your points something does need to change to make the game back as it was but i very much dought bp will do this
  3. ɛxodiā

    ɛxodiā Junior Expert

    bp wont do anything until its too late unfortunately, The seafight client lags even more than browser, I can run most high intensity games including WoW etc on my laptop... come to sf and i can have a battle with 3 ships without freezing still for seconds at a time which is crucial in fights, I know they pass the blame onto us but if i can run raids on other games with 0 lag, why do i lag so much on here...

    As soon as flash is gone, this game will totally die with it, IMO the most of the remaining players are still here because they've spent SO much money they dont want to just give it up and pray bigpoint do something ASAP, i really hope they do as i love seafight, But the team running it have always lacked the ability to run it at the full potential, Its sad to see such a good opportunity dying over greed and total disregard to their players/customers, I also feel sorry for the in game mods / forum mods as they get all the blame / The hassle and the complains, we dont hear anything from the people who are actually paid to run this game and interact.

    Surely the company check the forums from time to time and see the constant complaints?
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    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Thank you all for the feedback/suggestions. I will be sure to forward all your ideas and commentary to the appropriate team. In an effort to curb the natural progression of threads like to turn into complaints and accusations, I will say thank you again ang close the tread.

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